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Job Type: Base Job
Race: Human
Damage Type: Ranged
Weapon: Bow
Succeeding Job(s)


Archers prefer attacking from afar, utilizing their high movement speed to evade their enemies, and high attack speed to take them out quickly.

Once trained, archers can enhance their ranged attacks by studying the power of animals as a Hunter, or studying military arsenal as a Marksman.


Job Change Guide

For more information on the job change quest, see 1st Class Job Change Guide.

Once an Archer is level 20, he or she has the option to job change to a more powerful class. The player will have to complete a number of tasks:

  • Conversing with several NPCs
  • Monster Hunting
  • Completion of a dungeon

Once these tasks are completed, the player will be given the option to choose Hunter or Marksman as their new class. Choose carefully, as once the selection has been made, the choice is irreversible.


For a list of Archer-specific set equipment, see Archer Set


Skill levels noted in red indicates the skill can be increased to a maximum of that number via Monster Cards.

Skill Description Levels Type
Bow Mastery.png Bow Mastery
Increase attack power when using bow type weapons. 5/10 Passive
Rapid Step.png Rapid Step
Increases movement speed. 5 Passive
Moonwalk (Archer).png Moonwalk
Step back a certain distance. 1 Active
Moonwalk Shot.png Moonwalk Shot
Fire arrows while moonwalking. 1 Offensive
Rising Arrow.png Rising Arrow
Attack and launch enemies into the air. 5 Offensive
Anti-Air Shot.png Anti-Air Shot
Fire a flurry of arrows at airborne enemies by consuming 1 MP per shot 5 Offensive
Double Strike.png Double Strike
Fire a quick double shot with range slightly shorter than a normal attack. 5/10 Offensive
Shootdown.png Shootdown
While in midair, shoot arrows to attack standing or fallen enemies and slightly launch them into the air. 3 Offensive
Multi Shot.png Multi Shot
Fire several arrows in a wide ranging arc. Any target at close range will receive direct hits causing severe damage. 5/10 Offensive
Relaunch (Archer).png Relaunch
Attack fallen enemies on the ground and raise them back into the air. 5 Offensive
Archer's Prompt.png Archer's Prompt
Increases Movement Speed of the caster and anyone in range by 10%, and their Final critical rate by 3%. 1 Supportive

Base Job
Anti-Air Shot · Archer's Prompt · Bow Mastery · Double Strike · Moonwalk · Moonwalk Shot · Multi Shot · Rapid Step · Relaunch · Rising Arrow · Shootdown
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