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Banker <Sofia> in Moonlight Shore Village

Bankers are NPCs that allow players to access their vault, or storage. They are located in most major towns. This service is free, although players may choose to increase the capacity of their vaults by purchasing Vault Expansions from the Item Mall. The default capacity per vault is 36.

Despite the NPC's name, Bankers do not hold the player's currency. Currently, vaults do not cross servers nor characters.

Accessing Vault

Vault Interface
To access the vault, talk to a Banker and select Vault. (Account Vault is currently unavailable on Dragon Saga U.S.) Players can transfer items by drag and drop, or by right-clicking the item.

If players wish to use Vault Expansions, purchase a Vault Expansion item, then click on the Expand button at the bottom of the vault interface.

  • NOTE: Items in vaults that are expired can be transferred OUT, but not IN.