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Battle Square (abbreviated as BSQ or BS) is a daily PvP tournament, lasting 20 minutes, in which two teams (Red vs. Blue) compete in an arena-type format, with various forms of rewards given to all participants. The tournament occurs everyday from 17:00 - 17:20 PST and is for players Level 40 and above. It is announced server-wide when the arena becomes open for participation. To join Battle Square at this time, click on the PvP button on the lower left of the UI and select the Battle Square mode.


Players entering the Battle Square lobby will choose which team they will play for. Players can choose a team at any time Battle Square is open, but must be actively participating in the battle in order to receive rewards. Each team will work together to obtain the highest amount of points for their team. Points are obtained by holding flags, or by fulfilling mini-objectives given to the individual player throughout the battle. The team with the most points wins the battle.

Level Restrictions

There are currently six Battle Square rooms available, each divided into level brackets. Players will not be able to enter rooms that are above or below their appropriate level bracket.

Room name Level restriction Maximum players
Flag Fight Battle Area 1 40~45 30
Aqua Sq. Battle Area 2 46~50
Flag Fight Battle Area 3 51~55
Aqua Sq. Battle Area 4 56~60
Aqua Square Battle Area 5 61~70
Aqua Square Battle Area 6 71~75


All brackets have the same rules and rewards applied.

  • There is a maximum of 30 players to each Battle Square tournament (15 players for each team).
  • To prevent unbalanced numbers, players will be put under a waiting list for their chosen team and will not be able to participate until the other team reaches an equal amount of players.
  • Flag monsters (Spike) are spawned on the map for each team to kill. The player who inflicts the most damage to this monster will obtain the monster's flag. These flags award a great amount of points the longer they are held. It is possible to obtain more than one flag. Players will lose their flag(s) if killed.
  • It is recommended for opposing teams to target flag holders in order to obtain their flag(s), and for players to protect their teams' flag holders from being overtaken.
  • Individual mini-objectives will appear on the player's screen throughout the battle. Fulfilling these objectives will award the player points. If the objective is not met by a set amount of time, a new objective will appear.
  • Specific skills are blocked (mainly any form of hiding).
  • When a player dies, they will be revived and given a special buff. Buffs will increase for each time the player dies.


There are several types of rewards given to all participants of Battle Square.


All players will receive an EXP potion appropriate to their level and a Gold Box. The amount of gold in the box is determined by the amount of points the player had accumulated individually.

Item Points
BattleSquare EXP Potion.png BattleSquare EXP Potion
Battle Square Money Box Purple.png [[Battle Square Money Box [Purple]]]
Battle Square Money Box Indigo.png [[Battle Square Money Box [Indigo]]]
Battle Square Money Box Blue.png [[Battle Square Money Box [Blue]]]
Battle Square Money Box Green.png [[Battle Square Money Box [Green]]]
Battle Square Money Box Yellow.png [[Battle Square Money Box [Yellow]]]
Battle Square Money Box Orange.png [[Battle Square Money Box [Orange]]]
Battle Square Money Box Red.png [[Battle Square Money Box [Red]]]

Winning Team

The winning team will receive the above, as well as a number of Armor Enchant Dust and Weapon Enchant Dust. The amount of dust rewarded is determined by the amount of points accumulated as a team. They will also receive a Sign of Hero, an item which can be used to purchase items from the CP Store, or to use for Job Changing. The rate for the Sign of Hero to be rewarded is 100%.

Weapon Enchant Powder.png Weapon Enchant Powder
Armor Enchant Powder.png Armor Enchant Powder

Losing Team

The losing team will only be rewarded an EXP potion and a Gold Box for their participation.