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Equipment Overview


Durability represents the number of available uses before the tool is broken. The Blacksmith can repair broken equipment for a fee.


Enchantment is one of several methods to improve equipment. Enchanting materials and gold are consumed in an attempt to raise an item's basic power, indicated by a +# prefixed to the item name.

Soul Crafting

Soulcrafting refers to the Enchantment System in Dragon Saga which use soul; increasing Soul Force, removing Curse, and exchanging for Soul Remover Scrolls.

Soul Craft Option

Soul Crafting options can be multiplied to a certain degree by Master Producer.


The Socketing System allows users to add socket effects to power up Equipment and Weapons.

Elemental System

Elemental System is the process in which the player is allowed to expand their equipment by adding an elemental attribute.


Shifting allows the player to transfer crafting bonuses from one item to another.

Pet Belt
Neck Character Info Bottom
Head Shoes
Pads Ring
Back Ring
Top Earring
Gloves Weapon Shield Achievement/Balloon


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