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Hunter G's special training school provides great rewards
Hunter G is an ex-monster hunter. Five years ago, he threw his back during a battle with a monster called Pal Rentuwok. He has since then gotten a license to open up his own monster hunting school, training aspiring hunters while recovering from his wounds in hopes of battling Pal Rentuwok once again.

Through his training, a player can receive a set of ten quests a day, each with an objective to fulfill by midnight, server time.


Daily quest.png
Hunter G in Port of Winds
To start Hunter G quests, find the Hunter G Mercenary in towns where he is available. He will have a green ! above his head. He will provide the player a set of quests to complete, which can be remotely turned in by clicking on the Hunter G Quest icon at the bottom of the screen.


These quests provide the player a substantial amount of EXP, as well as a Hunter G Capsule for each quest they complete (for a total of ten a day). These capsules can either be sold to other players on the market for gold, or be opened for useful items.

These capsules contain various armors and weapons, and also has a chance to grant Skill Point +1 scrolls, an item that permanently increases the player's total amount of skill points by 1 per scroll. There is no limit to the amount of scrolls the player can use on themselves.

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