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Combat Points (abbreviated as CP) is a special form of currency that is used specifically to purchase unique set gear. These sets are generally more powerful than sets obtained through missions or bosses.

Obtaining CP

Currently, the only method of obtaining CP is through Ranked PvP. Players can view the amount of CP they have accumulated through the Item Window. There is no known maximum amount of CP a player can have.

CP Store

CP, along with Sign of Hero (obtained through Battle Square or market), is used to buy unique set gear from CP stores. These stores are located at any class master. The available towns where a class master can be found are:

  • Port of Winds
  • Fungoid


Certain restrictions are place upon Combat Points and CP store purchases.

  • Combat Points are character bound.
  • Players cannot purchase items for a class that they are not or have not been, regardless if the item is intended for themselves (e.g., a Hunter cannot purchase Pathfinder sets; a Pathfinder cannot purchase Sentinel sets). If a player visits the CP store of a class they are not, the store will appear empty.
  • All items from the CP store are character bound upon purchase, Soul Bound upon equipping, and cannot be mailed, traded, or sold on market.

These restrictions prevent the sets from having monetary/resale value, and to ensure that all purchases from the CP store are used by the character that purchased it.