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Creating close friendships and even romantic relationships are not uncommon within the world of Dragon Saga. The Couples System aims to help bring two players closer to another by connecting their characters uniquely from any other player. Coupling and Marriage can be between lovers, or maybe just something fun between friends. Whatever the reasons, it's not something to be taken lightly, and both parties involved should be sure of their intentions before undertaking this process.

Requirements and Benefits

There is no level requirement to form a Couple or a Marriage, however, applying for a Marriage license will require a 10 Gold deposit. Both players must also be different genders be in a relationship.

Players who are Coupled or Married with one another will also receive benefits to aid in their gameplay. These Couple-exclusive skills can only be activated when both players are within range of each other.

Skill Description Levels Type
With the Power of Love!.png With the Power of Love!
Increase attack speed 3 Supportive
Two Birds with One shot.png Two Birds with One shot
Increase HP/MP by 10% when couple is in range 1 Passive


It is common to begin with dating before committing to a serious relationship with another person. Choosing to become a Couple with another person provides some added benefits to both players, is free to partake in, and can easily be terminated by either party at any time.

How to form a Couple

Couple Info Window
  1. Begin by opening the Community Window (default 'Y' key) and selecting the "Couple" tab
  2. Players can choose to send a Couple request to a specific player by selecting the "Add" button, or to view a list of single players within the same level range by selecting the "Search" button
  3. Once a prospective player has been chosen, send the desired Couple request
  4. The other player will receive a message prompting a response from them. The initializing player will receive a notification on whether the other player has accepted or declined their request
  5. Once the other player has accepted, both players will therein have a heart icon displayed next to their character name, broadcasting to other players that they are spoken for. This heart will beat when the Coupled players are within range of each other, indicating their ability to actively use their Couple-exclusive skills

Types of Couples

Couple: This is the basic Couples option. Coupled players will receive special benefits for the duration of their relationship and can only be terminated at the will of either party.

1-Day Couple: Choosing this option will start a 24-hour expiration of the relationship. The players involved will receive regular Couples benefits, but will have their relationship status automatically terminated at the end of the 24-hour period. This option can be used for new players seeking to simply meet new people or for short-term leveling partners. Once the relationship has ended, the players may opt to continue their relationship or move on.

Break up

If the relationship isn't working out for any reason, click the "Leave Couple" button on the Couples Info Window at any time to terminate the relationship. Dissolution of the relationship does not require both players' consent and can be terminated even if one player is not online.


Couples Manager Jodie

The Marriage System is an extension of the Couple System that provides an added opportunity for players to enjoy their relationship. There is no requirement to apply for Marriage other than to be currently in a Couple status with another player. For Coupled players who have decided to fully commit to their relationship, they can speak to Couples Manager <Jodie>, located in Port of Winds, to register their Marriage. A series of quests must be completed in order to complete the Marriage process.

In addition to receiving a fabulous wedding ceremony and wedding apparel, Couple-exclusive skills will be upgraded to provide increased bonuses to the newlyweds. Married couples will also see an upgraded heart icon next to their character name.


If the Marriage is not working out for any reason, the marriage can be ended at any time by selecting the "Divorce" button on the Couples Info Window. Both parties will lose their Marriage benefits and will not receive their Gold deposit back. Players will be required to complete the Marriage quests from the beginning if they choose to remarry.