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Dungeons are special instances similar to Mission Maps, but present different objectives and/or map design. Some may also possess unique items that are unattainable through any other method.

Dungeons are generally required to complete in order to progress further into the game.

Dungeon Bosses

Like Mission Map bosses, dungeon bosses appear at the end of the dungeon, but may require strategic gameplay/teamwork to defeat.

Bosses from dungeons follow a drop system different from the Mission Map system, where, upon defeat of the boss, the player must select a box within a 5 second countdown. This box will award up to four items to the player. The items may vary from jewels, reagants, or more rarely, specialty set equipment, weapon ingredients, and pet eggs.

Gada Coins are not applicable to dungeons.

List of Dungeons

Rec Lvl Dungeon Name Other Boss
15 Wolves' Den (15) Heath
20 Wolves' Den (20) Heath
22 City Hall Culverts 5 Mini Boss Dr Farrel
27 Temple of Water Endairon
29 Underground Graveyard (30) 3 Mini Boss Kajimodo
35 Spectres' Tower 9 Mini Boss Paris
35 Underground Graveyard (35) 4 Mini Boss Anukus
40 Magma Dungeon 3 Mini Boss Lavalon
45 Akia Cave 3 Mini Boss Akanai
45 Verdurous Forest 3 Mini Boss Ryvius
50 Kundara Dungeon Mutisha
55 Red Fox Delta 3 Mini Boss Cetirus
60 Van Cliff 10+25 Mini Boss Bone Dragon
65 Drakos Tower 50 Mini Boss Paris
Black Claw Nest Elga

Elemental Dungeons

Elemental dungeons are instanced dungeons accessed via Great Wizard <Gwen> in Kazeura Village. The dungeon is where spiritual drops can be obtained for enchanting your gear with elements. The player must obtain Protection from spirits from the repeatable quest "Protection from Spirits Stone" from Gwen.

List of Elemental Dungeons

Dungeon Level Boss 1 Boss 2 Boss 3 Boss 4 Boss 5
Ice Dungeon of Spirits 40-49
Fire Dungeon of Spirits 40-49
Dark Dungeon of Spirits 40-49
Nature Dungeon of Spirits 40-49