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This is a general list of Earrings found in Dragon Saga.

Class Specific Sets

Warrior Magician Archer Thief Shaman Twin Fighter
Knight Gladiator Monk Wizard Hunter Marksman Bandit Infiltrator Summoner Twin
Paladin Myrmidon Priest Warlock Pathfinder Specialist Rogue Assassin Elementalist Mirage
Dragoon Overlord Invoker Sorcerer Sentinel Destroyer Savage Ninja Spirit Lord Jumeaux


Neck Head Pads Back Top Gloves Belt Bottom Shoes Shield Ring Earring Other Set Gear


Level Gear Class P.Def M.Def Special Option
Level 43
Demonic Earring.png Demonic Earring
All Classes 19 14
Level 52
5 Star Rokko Eclipse Earring.png 5 Star Rokko Eclipse Earring
All Classes 0 0 10% on Attack: Recover 237HP
Level 53
Pride Earring.png Pride Earring
All Classes 23 19
Level 64
1 Star Avice Lunar Earring.png 1 Star Avice Lunar Earring
All Classes 41 41
Level 64
4 Star Avice Lunar Earring.png 4 Star Avice Lunar Earring
All Classes 164 164
Level 64
2 Star Avice Eclipse Earring.png 2 Star Avice Eclipse Earring
All Classes 0 0 With 10% of success rate, recover 144 HP during attack