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Base Job: Summoner
Job Type: 2nd Job
Race: Dragonkin
Damage Type: Magic
Weapon: Gun Staff
Changes At: Ellora Camp
Succeeding Job(s)
Earth Master



Elementalists have very strong bond with their summons which gives them better control. Their summons will protect their master by attacking any enemy threatening the Elementalist, and the Elementalist can cast various disabling spells to slow enemy attacks.

Elementalist control much more powerful summons than the Summoner and the character will gain support magic skills to increase the summoned spirits powers.

Job Change Guide

For more information on the job change quest, see 2nd Class Job Change Guide.

Like human characters, the Dragonkin characters have acquired a much easier and less tedious way to switch jobs at the right level without delays, as follows:

  • Eliminating of special "boss" monsters scattered across specific areas of the game in the quantity of a few quests.

Once these tasks are completed, the player will speak to an NPC in Kazeura Village to advance to their respected 3rd class.



For a list of Elementalist-specific set equipment, see Elementalist Set

For a list with Elementalist weapons, see Gun Staff

For a list with Elementalist shields, see Shield


File:Summon Blesser Info.gifBlesser File:Summon Golgon Info.gifGolgon


Skill Description Levels Type
Hawk Eye.png Hawk Eye
Blesser can perform a new buff skill that will increase the summoner and party member's ATK and MATK 2 Passive
Elemental Blessing.png Elemental Blessing
Through the contract with the earth atomic spirits, the summon point is increased 2 Passive
Impact Mastery.png Impact Mastery
During the impact unsummon it gives a bigger explosion with 20% stronger damage and level 10 bleeding effect. 1 Passive
Atom Control.png Atom Control
Through Drakan Force, the Golgon Atomic structure changes and makes a stronger Rock Golgon 3 Passive
Blood Share.png Blood Share
By joining summoned Golgon and the user's Drakan force, each time the Golgon gets hit, it restrores 200 of the user's HP with a 30% chance. 1 Passive
Mana React.png Mana React
Part of Mana burnt through the skill and will be absorbed by the users. 5 Passive
Impact Presser.png Impact Presser
To protect oneself, use the Drakan Force around the user to damage enemies and push them away. 3 Passive
Toxin Fluid.png Toxin Fluid
Add a percentage of attack point of the user on the poison guard. 3 Passive
Summon Blesser.png Summon Blesser
Contract with Nature spirit using Drakan force and Summon blesser spirit. 3 Active
Impact Unsummon.png Impact Unsummon
When recalling the spirits, by inserting the Drakan Force, the spirits explode. 1 Active
Attack.png Attack
A skill to tell the spirits what to do, all the summoned spirits attack that monster who try to attack the player. 1 Active
Regain Refresh.png Regain Refresh
A skill to tell the spirits what to do, all the summoned spirits attack that monster who try to attack the player. 1 Active
Nature Blessing.png Nature Blessing
Spirits around the user receive 'Nature Blessing' buff 3 Active
Summon Golgon.png Summon Golgon
Contract with Earth spirit using Drakan Force and summon Golgon. 5 Active
Mana Burn.png Mana Burn
Put a spell on the user. Any enemies within 120 radius will lose their mana. 5 Active
Smare Shot.png Smare Shot
By putting a summon spell on the staff, the normal attack will have a homing effect 5 Offensive

Poison Guard.png Poison Guard
By using the nature spell, make a poison gas around the users. 5 Offensive
Rolling Stone.png Rolling Stone
Summon a rock Mable that will roll forward and attack enemies. 5 Offensive
Mega Spike Wave.png Mega Spike Wave
The upgraded version of Spike wave with a wider range and damage. 5 Offensive
Mega Inferno.png Mega Inferno
The upgrade version of the inferno with bigger range and damage. 5 Toggle
Shaman · Summoner · Elementalist · Earth Master
Base Job
Main Skills Air Splash · Breath of Nature · Dragon Tooth · Ground Piston · Spell Trap · Spike Wave · Stronger Spell
Summon Skills Regain · Stronger Summon · Summon Dyke · Summon Mastery · Summon Mist
1st Job
Main Skills Air Smash · Area Spell · Earthquake · Inferno · Meteor Rain · Shot Mastery · Spell Prison · Volcano
Summon Skills Advanced Summon Mastery · Awake Instinct · Cry of Life · Dire Mist · Fury · Gather! · Nation Fury · Rolling Wind · Steal Crow · Strong Leather · Summon Doonamik · Summon Kalki
2nd Job
Main Skills Hawk Eye · Mana Burn · Mana React · Mega Inferno · Mega Spike Wave · Nature Blessing · Poison Guard · Rolling Stone · Smare Shot · Toxin Fluid
Summon Skills Atom Control · Attack · Blood Share · Elemental Blessing · Impact Presser · Impact Mastery · Impact Unsummon · Regain Refresh · Summon Blesser · Summon Golgon