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Enchantment is one of several methods to improve equipment items in Dragon Saga.

Enchantment is equivalent to refinement or ascension in other MMORPG's, in that materials and gold are consumed in an attempt to raise an item's basic power, indicated by a +# prefixed to the item name, e.g. +4 Lunatic Blade.

To enchant, weapons require Weapon Enchant Dust in an amount equal to the destination level (1 for +1, 2 for +2, etc.) Armor requires Armor Enchant Dust in the same amount. There will also be a gold cost that rises dramatically with the item's existing enchantment level.

Maximum level, success rate, and auras

The maximum enchantment level for any given equipment depends on its Soul Grade, which can be checked quickly by the color of the item's name: white for Normal, green for Advanced, cyan for Special, orange for Artifact, and violet for Legend.

The Enchantment levels shown as green on the below table are safe - the item will not be damaged in any way by failure. Failure when refining to yellow levels will revert to +0, and red-level failures will destroy the item outright. All failure repercussions can be prevented with the proper Insurance items (Item Mall-only) as seen on the far right of the table.

Accessories, face items, pets, and medals cannot be Enchanted. Some other equipment may explicitly state it cannot be Enchanted as well.

Enchantment Level Success Rate
Success Rate
Soul Grade Aura
Insurance required
+1 95.0% 95.0% Regular None None
+4 50.0% 30.0%
+5 40.0% 27.0% Green
Enchantment Insurance.png Enchantment Insurance
+6 30.0% 24.0%
+7 25.0% 21.0%
+8 20.0% 18.0% Advanced Blue
+9 18.0% 15.0%
+10 16.0% 12.0%
+11 14.0% 9.0% Special Red
+12 12.0% 6.0%
+13 10.0% 3.0%
+14 5.0% 3.0%
+15 3.0% 1.0%
+16 0.9% 0.7%
Reinforced Enchantment Insurance.png Reinforced Enchantment Insurance
+17 0.8% 0.4%
+18 0.4% 0.2%
+19 0.35% 0.18%
+20 0.34% 0.17% Gold

Runestones and other success boosts

Runestones are Item Mall items that increase the success rate of Enchantment within a certain level bracket. Runestones for higher Enchantment brackets are generally more effective proportionate to the original success rate, as seen in the below table.

Some medals and equipment also provide boosts to success rate.

Success-enhancing equipment
Patch of Love Increases enchant success by 1 ~ 5%
Success-enhancing reagents
Regular Enchant Runestone Increases enchant success rate from +1 ~ +7 by 3%
Advanced Enchant Runestone Increases enchant success rate from +8 ~ +10 by 13%
Special Enchant Runestone Increases enchant success rate from +11 ~ +15 by 10%
Artifact Enchant Runestone Increases enchant success rate from +16 ~ +20 by 6%
Success-enhancing Medals
I'm Still Hanging Enchant success rate +0.3%
Gifted Craftsmanship Enchant success rate +0.4%
Good or Lucky Enchant success rate +0.5%
Lucky Day Enchant success rate +0.7%
Should Buy a Lottery Enchant success rate +0.7%
What are the Odds Enchant success rate +0.8%
Salesperson Enchant success rate +1.0%
Big Time Loser Enchant success rate +1.2%
Official Enchant Manufacturer Enchant success rate +1.5%
I Saw the Light Enchant success rate +1.5%
God Bless Me Enchant success rate +2.0%
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