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Experience (abbreviated EXP) refers to points gained that goes towards the character's leveling. EXP is required in order for a character to reach his or her full potential. Experience can be gained by killing monsters, completing quests, or using EXP Boost Potions.


Experience earned from monsters is dependent on several factors: the level difference between the monster and player, modifiers, and whether or not the player is in a party. EXP progress can be viewed on the bottom of the UI, below the character's HP/MP bars.

Level Differences

  • NOTE: When in a party, all players will earn EXP from the monster according to their own level, regardless of who delivers the final attack.
Difference in Level
Above/Below Player Level
EXP Earned
(Of Monster's Base Rate)
Monster level above player
+ 16+ 0%
+ 15 100%
Equal 100%
- 15 100%
- 16+ 0%

Party Sharing

Experience is not split between party members, but may influence the base EXP of the monster. Certain maps will scale monster levels based on the average level of the party members. Modified monster base level can attribute to a gain or a loss in comparison to non-modified EXP, depending on the level of the player.

EXP Bonus

EXP Bonus
Single Player Party of Two Party of Three Party of Four
100% 75% 70% 65%


The following can add to experience gained via killing monsters. Note that any and all of these features can stack upon each other. Note that experience rate is calculated as follows : (Channel bonus)x(event bonus)x(1 + resting bonus + combo bonus + ...).

Channel Bonus

Being in the channel appropriate for the player's level will grant a 5% EXP bonus. Players can determine which channel is appropriate for them by viewing the Channel Select screen.

Resting Bonus

Prolonged stay in any town that contains an Elemental Artifact will grant the player Resting EXP. This EXP is indicated as a light blue bar on the EXP Gauge of the UI. Players will receive 1.5x more EXP from killing monsters until the light blue bar depletes.

  • NOTE: Resting EXP only applies to killing monsters. EXP Boost Potions and Quest EXP will not use up Resting EXP.


Striking enemies continuously will gradually increase EXP gained. The maximum bonus a player can receive through this method is 1.5x (100+ combo). The modifier will initialize if the combo is broken by the player.


Players can add a boost to their EXP at any time by purchasing EXP Potions from the Item Mall. These potions will increase the rate of EXP gain for a fixed amount of time.


Certain MyHome furniture will increase EXP gain. See MyHome for a full list of furniture and their effects.


GM-activated EXP events will temporarily increase the EXP rate across all channels. Check Warp Portal Forums or in-game announcements to see if there is an EXP event currently active.

Leveling in Dragon Saga
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