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F6 is a 10 stage stone defense that is available from Steven Trading Port onwards. Monsters in these modes will spawn quickly and in high volume, yielding more EXP than normal Mission Map stages. As one can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of monsters, partying is recommended.


Each F6 map has a stone with an HP bar of 100%. Monsters will spawn in waves of ten on either the left or right of the map attempting to attack the stone as well as players. Every attack on the stone decreased the stone's HP by 1%. Players must defeat these monsters and complete all 10 stages before the stone reaches 0%.

The number of waves per stage is dependent on the number of party members. More party members will yield more monsters.

A Boss monster will spawn every five stages.

List of Maps

For a complete list of all maps that have F6 Defense Mode available, see F6 Defense Mode Maps.

Monster Detector

After every stage completed, every party member will have a Monster Detector interface appear on their screen. Each member is given 30 seconds to guess which side will spawn a Rare boss monster. If the side they choose is correct, the boss will appear. These rare bosses are different than the ones that naturally spawn on the fields, as they have a 50% chance to drop special rings once defeated. Rare boss monsters drop higher grades of rings the more times the party guesses correctly.

Players can purchase the Item Mall item Perfect Hunch to make correct guesses with 100% accuracy.

F6 Rings

F6 Rings are dropped by F6 rare monsters that spawn when the player correctly selects the side from which the 10 monster waves will start. The more times players consecutively guess correctly, the higher Star Grade the ring will be, the lowest grade being 1 Star, to the highest of 4 Star. Upon failure to guess correctly, the possible ring drop reverts to 1 Star. (exception: Pine Cone Hills & Forgotten Village begin at 2 Star.)

Players can achieve even higher grades of rings than what is dropped in F6 by reinforcing 3 Star or 4 Star rings (see Ring Reinforcing and Exchanging).

Guesses Type A Ring Drop Type B Ring Drop Effect
1 1 Star Lunar Ring 2 Star Lunar Ring DEF & MDEF + Soulforce
2 1 Star Stella Ring 2 Star Stella Ring HP and MP
3 1 Star Solar Ring 2 Star Solar Ring ATK and MATK + Soulforce
4 2 Star Lunar Ring 3 Star Lunar Ring DEF & MDEF + Soulforce
5 2 Star Stella Ring 3 Star Stella Ring HP and MP
6 2 Star Solar Ring 3 Star Solar Ring ATK and MATK + Soulforce
7 3 Star Lunar Ring 4 Star Lunar Ring DEF & MDEF + Soulforce
8 3 Star Stella Ring 4 Star Stella Ring HP and MP
9 3 Star Solar Ring 4 Star Solar Ring ATK and MATK + Soulforce

Ring Reinforcing and Exchanging

Reinforcing allows players to achieve higher grades of rings through Jewel Merchant <Edward>. He is located near every mission and consumes three rings of the same type and same boss and Sadonyx to create two of the higher level ring. Sardonyx can be purchased from nearly every Item Shop NPC in towns.

Ring Level # of Rings to Convert Left Over Rings
3Star 420
4Star 280 +1
5Star 186
6Star 124 +1
7Star 82 +1
8Star 54
9Star 36
10Star 24
11Star 16 +1
12Star 10 +1
13Star 6
14Star 4 +1
15Star 2
  • Players require four hundred and twenty 3 Star Rings to obtain two 15 Star Rings under the new system.

Exchanging is done through Jewel Merchant <Edward> in which the player takes three rings and exchanges them for two rings of the next boss.

Example: 4 Star Alvida Ring *3 => 4 Star Artis Ring *2

  • Note: 1 star and 2 star rings are not reinforcible.

Perfect Hunch

Perfect Hunch is an Item Mall item used during the Monster Detector screen, that allows the player to force their guesses to be accurate. Once a Perfect Hunch is used by a player, the Monster Detector screen will immediately guess the correct side and the next stage will begin.

The first round requires 1 Perfect Hunch with the following requiring 3 each.

Stage Perfect Hunch
Stage 2 1
Stage 3 3
Stage 4 3
Stage 5 3
Stage 6 3
Stage 7 3
Stage 8 3
Stage 9 3
Stage 10 3
Total 25
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