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The Friend System creates a network between you and players that you meet. By adding friends to your list, special bonuses may be given for partying with players on the list.

Friend List Interface

  1. Invite : Invite a friend to your party
  2. Add Friend : Player can add friend by input friend name into buddy list
  3. People Search : Player can search for new friends
  4. Configure : Player can select whether to see all friends or just online friends for Friend List
  5. Friend Point Gauge : Indicates the amount of Friend Points the player has.

Friend Points

Friend Points are an extra way to earn EXP and can be redeemed at any time in certain villages throughout Dragon Saga. You earn Friend Points by defeating monsters while in a Party with players on your Friends List.

Friend Point Redemption

Sage <Jeremy> in Port of Winds

You can exchange your Friend Points for EXP at special NPCs for a small fee.

Old Man.png Reclusive Old Man <Alvin>
Port of Winds
Sage.png Sage <Jeremy>
Arcanist.png Arcanist <Pablo>
Fungoid Village
Fungoid Chief.png Fungoid Chief <Masiroon>
Leveling in Dragon Saga
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