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Guilds are formal and long-term collectives of players who ideally intend to help one another while playing Dragon Saga.

Guilds are, theoretically, beneficial for players wishing to seek help from other players through providing equipment and advice. Guilds also allow one to participate in Guild vs. Guild tournaments such as Emporia War, earn Guild Experience, access Guild Quests, etc.

As Guild management is done solely by players, joining an existing Guild depends on one's political and social skill, as well as the perceived worth of one's character.

Creating a Guild

Guild Manager Dony, found in any major town except Odellia, will allow any player of at least level 10 to create a Guild for the cost of 20 Gold.

The guild must have a relatively short name and select from one of several pre-determined emblems. Neither of these can be changed.

The founder is the Guild Master, and can appoint two Vice Guild Masters. These three individuals have the sole power to invite other players into the Guild.

Guild Level and Experience

Guilds may earn Experience by completing Guild Quests or by performing well in Emporia Wars.

Guilds may raise up to Level 5, allowing a greater number of players to join the Guild and elevating the Guild to a new tier of Emporia War.

Guild Quests

Each day, Guild Manager Dony will allow a level 20 or higher character to perform a number of Guild Quests, earning experience for the Guild with each quest completed.

Emporia War

A Guild vs. Guild activity available at specific and limited times. It can be followed by checking the T-Board on the Guild window.

To facilitate some amount of fairness, Emporia War is divided into exclusive tiers, and Guilds of particular levels may only participate in their given tier.

Guild Level Maximum number of members Emporia Grade EXP to Next Lv
1 50 5 650
2 70 4-5 7800
3 90 3-4 28600
4 110 2-3 76250
5 120 1 76250

Guild Skills

Once a guild is of high enough level, the guild leader may purchase guild skills with gold from Donny.

Skill Name Description Req Lv
Adrenalin Booster.png Adrenalin Booster
Increase guild members' attack speed by 10% for 30 seconds 1
Morale Up.png Morale Up
Increase guild members' attack power by 5% 2
Iron Wall.png Iron Wall
Increase guild members' defense power by 10% 3

Guild Storage

At Guild Level 2, the Guild Master may pay 10 Gold to set up a Guild storage.

Disbanding Guild

To disband your guild, kick all members from the Guild and talk to Guild Manager Dony.

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