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Base Job: Thief
Job Type: 1st Job
Race: Human
Damage Type: Melee
Weapon: Katar
Changes At: Port of Winds
Succeeding Job(s)


Highly dangerous up close, Infiltrators are masters of close combat. They are able to attack in lethal combinations due to their lightning quick speed and dangerous weapons. They are professionals at being stealthy and attempt to use a variety of poisons to kill a massive number of enemies. Infiltrators can deal damage very quickly thanks to their high damaging kartar blades, thy can take out mobs and players in an blink of an eye. The infiltrator has a large range of skills for it to deal damage without the infiltrator having to take any return hits. In duels the Infiltrator can finish a battle before it even starts with their powerful violant blow and ambush combo. This makes infiltrator very powerful and balanced, giving them a solid playing style.

Job Change Guide

For more information on the job change quest, see 1st Class Job Change Guide.

Changing into a Infiltrator requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Conversing with several NPCs
  • Monster Hunting
  • Completion of a dungeon

Once these tasks are completed, the player will be sent to <Cyndi>, the Thief class master, and given the option to choose Bandit or Infiltrator as their new class. Choose carefully, as once the selection has been made, the choice is irreversible.


For a list of Infiltrator-specific set equipment, see Infiltrator Set


Skill levels noted in red indicates the skill can be increased to a maximum of that number via Monster Cards.

Skill Description Levels Type
Burrow (Infiltrator).png Burrow
Burrow under the ground and hide. 5 Toggle
Shadow Walk.png Shadow Walk
Hide from enemy and approach them silently 5 Toggle
Poison Crasher.png Poison Crasher
Dip your weapon in Poison to cause extra damage when attacking enemies 5/10 Offensive
April Fool.png April Fool
Attack enemy targets and lower their physical and magic attack damage 5 Offensive
Ambush.png Ambush
Attack enemies causing instant damage and launching them into the air 5/10 Offensive
Violent Blow.png Violent Blow
Cast a rapid 5 hit combo to attack enemy mob in front, with a chance to stun 5/10 Offensive
Swift Attack.png Swift Attack
Select enemies to attack while moving at a high speed and knock them down 5/10 Offensive
Gimlet.png Gimlet
When burrowed underground, evoke thorns and rise under nearby enemies 5 Offensive
Throwing Dagger.png Throwing Dagger
Throw a dagger at an enemy and knock it down 5/10 Offensive
Katar Blocking.png Katar Blocking
Increase block damage when using Katar type weapon 5/10 Passive
Dagger Mastery.png Dagger Mastery
Increase the damage caused by Throwing Dagger 5 Passive
Katar Mastery.png Katar Mastery
Increase Critical Rate and Aim Rate 5 Passive

Infiltrator · Assassin · Ninja
1st Job
Ambush · April Fool · Burrow · Dagger Mastery · Gimlet · Katar Blocking · Katar Mastery · Poison Crasher · Shadow Walk · Swift Attack · Throwing Dagger · Violent Blow
2nd Job
Blade Forging · Cherry Blossom Shower · Devilstorm Dart · Hypnotizer · Leaf Fall · Mist Vanish · Ninja Frenzy · Perfect Strike · Shadow Leap · Sky Penetration · Storm Stepping · Wood Rush
3rd Job
Awakening · Awakening Charge · Cross Blade · Dodge Master · Multi Illusion · Protect Edge · Shadow Blade
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