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Item Mall is Dragon Saga's cash shop. It is filled with items that will give players an edge when they go on adventures. Item Mall is separated in three general sections, Item Mall, Big Wheel and Mix Board.

Item Mall Interface

Access the Item Mall by clicking the Item Mall button on the lower right of screen. There are three major sections within the Item Mall. Item Mall, Big Wheel and Mix Board. Click the tabs Promotion, Consumable, Fashion, Pet, MyHome to browse. Players can choose whether to purchase IM goods for themselves or to gift to a friend.

How to obtain IM Points

Dragon Saga uses Gravity LLC's game currency Warp Portal Energy. This energy is used for all Gravity games however it cannot be used as is. Warp Portal Energy must be purchased or earned via surveys and converted into Dragon Saga IM Points.

Players must first access Warp Portal and login to their Warp Portal ID. From there, select Power Up and purchase WP Energy. Afterwards, the player may select the account which they wish IM Points to be on and convert the energy to it.

Warp Portal gives bonuses for players that purchase energy in bulk.

Warp Portal Energy Item Mall Points
1000-2499 10% more IM points
2500-4999 15% more IM points
5000+ 20% more IM points

General Item Mall

  • Promotion : Items that are on sale this week
  • Consumable : Insurance, Market Scrolls, Potions, and more
  • Fashion : Different hairstyles and faces for your avatar
  • Pet : Items for the Pet System
  • MyHome : Items for MyHome
  • Professions : Items for Professions

Big Wheel

To view items from Big Wheel and Mix Board, see Item Mall Clothing

Big Wheel is a gambling feature where players may spin a roulette wheel to win articles of IM clothing, balloons, or other IM equipment.

To spin the wheel, the player must purchase W-Coin W-Coin.png from the Item Mall section. One coin supplies the player one spin of the wheel. Each spin contains ten available items from the current selection of Big Wheel items. If the items on the wheel are undesirable, players can choose to spin for a different set of random items by selecting "Change Wheel." This option can only be done to a maximum of five times before the player is required to spin.

Big Wheel items change frequently and each have their own distinctive looks which can be previewed in the upper right window.

Mix Board

To view items from Big Wheel and Mix Board, see Item Mall Clothing

Mixboard uses five pieces of IM Clothing to gamble for a higher quality IM set gear. The higher grade IM Clothing used to gamble, the higher chance of getting a Deluxe ranked IM Clothing. An IM equipment's grade can be viewed in the item's description window, below its name.

  • Normal costume is worth 1 point
  • Advanced costume is worth 5 points
  • Special costume is worth 25 points

From these costume grades, players can obtain

  • Advanced costume
  • Special costume
  • Deluxe costume Deluxe Costumes are Special Costumes with Back and or Shoulder Pieces.
Points # of Advanced # of Special # of Deluxe
5 5 4 1
9 1 7 2
13 1 5 4
17 0 5 5
21 0 4 6
25 0 3 7
29 0 2 8
33 0 1 9
37 0 0 10

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