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This page lists items that fit the Item Mall equipment window. Sets are listed by themes.

  • [Unisex] indicates that both genders can wear the item, looks may differ.
  • [Male][Female] indicates there are 2 different sets with similar names with the same bonuses
  • Some sets are unavailable for Dragonkin. Equipment that is available is listed with a D mark ingame.
  • Some Event/Heirloom sets look identical to Big Wheel/Mixboard items with no set bonuses. Make sure to look at the ingame discription before purchasing.
  • Identical sets will be listed where it was obtainable most recently. Heirloom IM Sets should disappear as WarpPortal reimplements old IM sets.
  • Sets that are unknown (name or just not implemented) on Dragon Saga are located here
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