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Base Job: Mirage
Job Type: 3rd Job
Race: Dragonkin
Damage Type: Melee
Weapon: Fist


Job Change Guide

For more information on the job change quest, see 3rd Class Job Change Guide.

Becoming a Jumeaux requires the player to obtain the following items:

along with the completion of a number of tasks:

  • Item Collection / Monster Hunting
  • Completion of several key floors in Van Cliff
  • Defeat of Bone Dragon Lust

Once these tasks are completed, the player will speak to the dragon <Deckard> in Van Cliff to advance to their respected 4th class.


For a list of Jumeaux-specific set equipment, see Jumeaux Set


Skill Description Levels Type
Training Time.png Training Time
Spirit-yell and transform enemies near the front into wooden punching bags for 3 seconds. Once the enemies turn into wooded punching bags, they no longer can move until the transformation gets debuffed. However the enemies get their DEF increased by 50%. 5 Active
Infinite Scuffle.png Infinite Scuffle
[Awakening Skill] A legendary combo would be executed. Dash forward and perform consecutive attack with one's twin against standing and/or fallen enemies. When in fusion status, the consecutive attack is performed by oneself. 5 Offensive
Consecutive Hit.png Consecutive Hit
[Awakening Skill] A legendary consequent combo. While twin sibling holds enemies in front of them, one stabs enemies hard up to 4 times. If one is in fusion status, it only performs legendary combo. 5 Offensive
Cross Fist.png Cross Fist
[Ultimate Skill] A special skill for twins that has been handed down across the Dragonkin generations. By maximizing the Dragonkin Force and exploding the concentrated energy, it hits the enemies near by up to five times and do additional damage at the end when explode. The explosion at the end of this ultimate skill stuns enemy. 1 Offensive
Awakening.png Awakening
Allows the usage of special skills which consume Awakening points. Decrease constantly. 1 Passive
Awakening Charge.png Awakening Charge
Consumes MP to recharge the Awakening bar. 3 Toggle
Twin Fighter · Twin · Mirage · Jumeaux
Base Job
Master Skills Bunker Buster · Metal Fist · One Sword, One Cut · Power Fist · Rapid Stance · Tornado Spin · Weaving
Slave Skills Dragon Kick · Non Stop Kicking · Rocket Blow · Spin Kick
1st Job
Master Skills Breath Control · Dodge Mastery · Dragon Upper · Finish Combo · Fusion · Heavy Blow · Hyper Knee Kick · Power Weaving · Rage · The Ring from Hell
Slave Skills Infinite Turning Kick · Rolling Grable · Slide Kicking · Smash Kick · Spin Bomb · Spirit Spear
Fusion Skills Definite Defense · Impact Blow · Release Fighter Force
2nd Job
Master Skills At Light Speed · Harmony Master · Fist Harmony · Iron Fist Training · Roar of Lion · Screw Dropkick · Tornado Upper · Twin Impact · Wheel of Fortune
Slave Skills Infinite Kicking · Rising Drop Kick · Spin Blade · Stamper · Swish Kick
Fusion Skills Finish Move · Fusion Boost · Ghost Fighter