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Base Job: Warrior
Job Type: 1st Job
Race: Human
Damage Type: Melee
Weapon: One-Handed Sword
Changes At: Port of Winds
Succeeding Job(s)



Knights focus their strength on survival. Their health bonus allows them to absorb more damage than any other class and at the same time, be able to strike down heavily against their enemies. They are road blocks that protect the party from enemies.

Knights move on from Warriors to further improve their defensive abilities. By retaining their shield, and focusing on increasing their health and defense, Knights make very capable tanks.

Job Change Guide

For more information on the job change quest, see 1st Class Job Change Guide.

Changing into a Knight requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Conversing with several NPCs
  • Monster Hunting
  • Completion of a dungeon

Once these tasks are completed, the player will be sent to <Evan>, the Warrior class master, and given the option to choose Knight or Gladiator as their new class. Choose carefully, as once the selection has been made, the choice is irreversible.


Knights may not do a lot of damage compared to a Gladiator but they have more defense and speed. Their skills have a "juggling" movement which makes them knock enemies into the air or onto the ground. Their vicious combos can decrease hit points fast making it an ease to finish off enemies.


For a list of Knight-specific armor, see Knight Set

For a list of Knight weapons, see 1h-Sword

For a list of Knight shields, see Shield


Skill levels noted in red indicates the skill can be increased to a maximum of that number via Monster Cards.

Skill Description Levels Type
Shield Mastery.png Shield Mastery
Permanently increases Blocking Rate and Physical Defense. 5/10 Passive
Body Activation.png Body Activation
Permanently increases Max HP. 5 Passive
Aerial Smackdown.png Aerial Smackdown
From mid-air, dash into the ground launching enemies into the air. 5 Offensive
Shoulder Tackle.png Shoulder Tackle
Charge at enemies knocking them down or into the air . 5 Offensive
Spear Jab.png Spear Jab
Perform a 5-combo attack with a broom that knocks enemies down. 5 Offensive
Pressure.png Pressure
Drop a heavy weight on a group of enemies and launch them into the air. 5 Offensive
Spin it Bear!.png Spin it Bear!
Summon the spirit of the bear to cast a spinning attack. 5/10 Offensive
Aerial Blow (Knight).png Aerial Blow
Pull out a toy hammer and attack enemies and knocks them on the ground. 1 Offensive
Increased Defense.png Increased Defense
Makes your head huge and raises Physical Defense. 5 Supportive
Giant Growth.png Giant Growth
Increases Max HP. 5 Supportive
Parry.png Parry
Temporarily increase Blocking Rate. 5/10 Active
Revenge.png Revenge
A thorn shield that reflects damage back at enemies. 5 Active
Impervion.png Impervion
Endure any effect such as knock back, knock down, flip, or flinch. 5 Active

Knight · Paladin · Dragoon
1st Job
Aerial Blow · Aerial Smackdown · Body Activation · Giant Growth · Impervion · Increased Defense · Parry · Pressure · Revenge · Shield Mastery · Shoulder Tackle · Spear Jab · Spin it Bear!
2nd Job
Armor Break · Armor Mastery · Aura Initiation · Barricade · Chain Shield · Concentration · Cockroach Life · Cross Cut · Defensive Aura · Defensive Blessing · Iron Skin · Joint Break · Mega Storm Blade · Provoke · Recovery Blessing · Sacred Protection · Shield Strike · Time Reverse Aura · Weapon Crasher · Weapon Suspension
3rd Job
Ascending Dragon · Awakening · Awakening Charge · Dragon Dive · Dragon Rush · Dragon Scale · Rolling Ground
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