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Mailboxes are located in every major city.

To access mail, locate the mailbox and open it. Mail can be opened by clicking on the message. New mail is indicated by a blinking letter icon on the upper right. see user Interface

Mail Interface

There are 3 major options on the Mail interface; Inbox, Compose, and Large Mail.

  • Inbox will display all mail that has been received. The mail can be viewed by clicking the mail.
  • Compose will allow the player to write mail to another person. A postal fee of 30 copper is charged per message. There are also 2 options for the player to transfer currency or items to another player. see sending mail below
  • Large Mail will allow the player to send a large quantity of items without having to compose separate messages. A fee of 30 copper will be charged for each item.
Mail Window

Sending mail

There are 2 options for the player when composing mail; Money Transfer and Charge Payment.

  • Money Transfer allows the player to send a message, money, and a single type of item to any other player (including characters on the same account as the sender)
  • Charge Payment allows the player to send a message that requires the receiver to pay the set amount of money to retrieve attachments from the mail. This is commonly used to circumvent the market system tax.

Known Bugs

Currently on Dragon Saga U.S. there is a confirmed bug in the Mail System when replying to mail the player has received. When selecting the "Reply to sender" option, the client will automatically attach an item from your inventory into the Attachment part of the mail. The item that will be attached will be the item that is in the inventory slot of the last item the player mailed. This attachment will appear invisible and therefore does not inform the player that he or she is sending an item to the recipient.

Dragon Saga community manager DoubleJump offically recognized the bug and provided two possible ways of avoiding the bug:

  1. Close the mailbox completely after reading any mail
  2. Click on "Remove" to detach the invisible item

Another way you can avoid the bug:

  1. Click on "Compose" and manually send a reply as a fresh mail, instead of using the "Reply to sender" option.