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Base Job: Twin
Job Type: 2nd Job
Race: Dragonkin
Damage Type: Melee
Weapon: Fist
Changes At: Ellora Camp
Succeeding Job(s)



On top of having faster movement and attack speed, Mirage class gain even more powerful attacking skill in their arsenal. Seeing the twins work in harmony to bring down an enemy is quite breathtaking. Twin and Mirage, besides gaining more powerful attacks, they gain the ability to fuse the twins into one extremely fast and powerful character for even more damage.

Job Change Guide

For more information on the job change quest, see 2nd Class Job Change Guide.

Like human characters, the dragonkin characters have acquired a much easier and less tedious way to switch jobs at the right level without delays, as follows:

  • Eliminating of special "boss" monsters scattered across specific areas of the game in the quantity of a few quests.

Once these tasks are completed, the player will speak to an NPC in Kazeura Village to advance to their respected 3rd class.


For a list of Mirage-specific set equipment, see Mirage Set


Skill Description Levels Type
Screw Dropkick.png Screw Dropkick
Drop down from the air in high speed and perform a spin kick. 5 Offensive
Roar of Lion.png Roar of Lion
Produce a strong and large sound to damage all enemies in range and reduce their movement speed and evade rate 5 Offensive
Tornado Upper.png Tornado Upper
Concentrate the energy throughout your body before regulating it, releasing a storm, attacking enemies. 5 Offensive
Wheel of Fortune.png Wheel of Fortune
Shift the energies in your body to your various parts, allowing you to recover from an exhausted condition. 5 Active
Iron Fist Training.png Iron Fist Training
Attack with your fists and legs, tempered to the extent of iron, giving a chance to reduce your enemies' movement speed, evade ability and defence. 3 Passive
Fist Harmony.png Fist Harmony
Allows twins to accumulate Harmony Points. 3 Passive
Harmony Master.png Harmony Master
Increases the limit of Harmony Points that can be accumulated. 2 Passive
At Light Speed.png At Light Speed
Concentrate energy into both feet and increase movement and evade 3 Active
Fusion Boost.png Fusion Boost
Fusion. Perform a buff to oneself to enable canceling skills during fusion. 5 Active
Finish Move.png Finish Move
Fusion. Jump low and do cutdown skill using one's fist. 5 Offensive
Ghost Fighter.png Ghost Fighter
Fusion. Attack at a speed that almost exceed sight. 5 Offensive
Spin Blade.png Spin Blade
Twin. Phoenix Kick twice while moving forward 5 Offensive
Infinite Kicking.png Infinite Kicking
Twin. The upgraded version of Non Stop Kicking. 5 Offensive
Stamper.png Stamper
Twin. Jump and attack enemies with fast stamping steps. 5 Offensive
Rising Drop Kick.png Rising Drop Kick
Twin. Recoil the body and perform a long distance drop kick. 5 Offensive
Twin impact.png Twin impact
Through mind training with the twin, the twin active skill damage is increased. 3 Passive
Swish Kick.png Swish Kick
Twin. Move forward and attack enemies followed by a spin kick. 5 Offensive
Twin Fighter · Twin · Mirage · Jumeaux
Base Job
Master Skills Bunker Buster · Metal Fist · One Sword, One Cut · Power Fist · Rapid Stance · Tornado Spin · Weaving
Slave Skills Dragon Kick · Non Stop Kicking · Rocket Blow · Spin Kick
1st Job
Master Skills Breath Control · Dodge Mastery · Dragon Upper · Finish Combo · Fusion · Heavy Blow · Hyper Knee Kick · Power Weaving · Rage · The Ring from Hell
Slave Skills Infinite Turning Kick · Rolling Grable · Slide Kicking · Smash Kick · Spin Bomb · Spirit Spear
Fusion Skills Definite Defense · Impact Blow · Release Fighter Force
2nd Job
Master Skills At Light Speed · Harmony Master · Fist Harmony · Iron Fist Training · Roar of Lion · Screw Dropkick · Tornado Upper · Twin Impact · Wheel of Fortune
Slave Skills Infinite Kicking · Rising Drop Kick · Spin Blade · Stamper · Swish Kick
Fusion Skills Finish Move · Fusion Boost · Ghost Fighter