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Missions are instanced dungeons in [Dragon Saga].

When clearing a Mission's boss, players may be awarded one to four items, with more items being more likely with a higher ranking. Each member will also be offered the option to spend a number of Gada Coins for the chance to acquire useful Set Gear.

With the exception of Chaos Mode, which offers enhanced Chaos versions of Sets, the Mission's difficulty setting has no effect on its available Set Gear.


Missions are divided into the following types, accessed with the F keys:

  • F1: Mission Mode or Arcade Mode is the normal difficulty and generally available as soon as the basic access requirements for the map (e.g. level) are met;
  • F2: Chaos Arcade Mode is a higher difficulty available only by consuming Chaos Scrolls obtained in the Arcade Mode or through Hidden Maps;
  • F5: Hero Quest Mode is an even higher difficulty than that;
  • F6: Defense Mode is a survival gauntlet protecting a stone against 10 stages of enemies. Each stage consists of multiple waves depending on the number of players in the party;
  • F7: Tactic Mode is a survival gauntlet protecting a stone against 50 stages of enemies. These enemies are immune to flinching and knockdown, and head straight for the crystal while ignoring any players in the way; and
  • F8: Competition Mode, listed as Coming Soon.

Arcade and Chaos Arcade Mode

Rank 1 in Mission

Arcade and Chaos Arcade Mode are essentially the same formula - both allow the player to select a further difficulty setting in the form of traveling one, two, or three maps before fighting the boss. As a side effect, selecting more maps allows a greater opportunity to accrue ranking points.

These maps are randomly selected from a pool of predetermined maps for that location, so players may have to repeat the map several times when fulfilling a hunting quest for a specific enemy found only on one such map.

To enter Chaos Arcade, a Chaos scroll for the mission map must be found. It can either be acquired as a drop from the boss of the Arcade or Chaos Arcade modes, or it can be purchased with Devil's Soul Stone dropped from Hidden Maps (which themselves require Hidden Scrolls.) Chaos Arcade Mode features a darker aesthetic, and boss appearances are usually modified.

Bonus Stage

Selecting two or three maps will add a chance for one of those maps to be a Bonus Stage instead of a normal gameplay map.

The Bonus Stage tasks the party with rapidly dispatching three waves of enemies, opening the path to a treasure chest containing useful items such as potions and Old Treasureboxes.

Hero Quest Mode (F5)

Hero Quest Mode offers a different objective entirely from the Arcade Mode, and its maps are predetermined. Often there is a story playing out during the mission. Unlike Arcade and Chaos Arcade Mode, there is no ranking system.

Defense Mode (F6)

See F6 Defense Mode and F7 Defense Mode

To enter Defense Mode, the player must acquire Defense scrolls in Arcade Mode.

Defense Mode tasks the party with protecting a stone in the center of the map from monsters spawning on either the left or right side for 10 stages. Correctly predicting which side the monsters attack from will give the player a bonus, and they will acquire a ring at the end of the level based on this bonus.

Each stage consists of a number of waves, depending on how many members are in the party, and each fifth stage (not wave) includes a boss monster.

F6 is a 10 stage stone defense. Monsters will spawn in waves of ten on either the left or right of the map attempting to attack the stone located in the center. Boss monsters spawn every 5 stages. The number of waves per stage is dependent on the number of party members.

Tactic Mode (F7)

For information on F7, see F7 Defense Mode

To enter Defense Mode, the player must acquire Defense scrolls in Arcade Mode.

Tactic Mode is a 50 stage tower defense. Monsters walk on a set path to destroy the player's stone. Monsters do not attack players and are super armored -- they cannot be flinched or knocked down -- but they are vulnerable to other debuffs such as Stun and Freeze. Monsters spawn in increasing frequency and HP depending on the stage.

As in Defense Mode, each fifth stage (not wave) includes a boss monster.

Misson Portal Cards

Mission Portal Cards teleports the player to the mission from anywhere in Dragon Saga

For a list of Mission Portal Cards see Mission Portal Cards


See Ranking

Ranking is determined by four basic values:

  • Sense increases slowly as combos land;
  • Ability increases rapidly as abilities land, especially if they are used as finishers;
  • Number of times hit; and
  • Number of deaths.

Players get a certain number of items depending on this rank:

0 0 1 1 1 2 2 3 4

Daily Ranking

Every midnight, the "best" scores for each mission are reset. Any player who ranks at least SSS and scores the top ranking for that mission thereafter may be given a special-ranked item with 1~3 options. Players may alternately receive armor or weapon powder, or a 50-soul pack.

List of Missions

Rec Lvl Mission Name Boss Gada C Set Lvl F7 DSS Rank 1 Items Rank 1 Items Rank 1 Items
El Grego
1-4 Windia Plains Vegabond
Vegabond's Leather Boots.png Vegabond's Leather Boots
3-7 Advanced Windia Plains Vegas
Vegas' Hat.png Vegas' Hat
7-14 Traitor's Ridge Sangka
14-19 Canyon of Oblivion Kunkah
Kunkah's Helmet.png Kunkah's Helmet
Kunkah's Wooden Shield.png Kunkah's Wooden Shield
Kunkah's Leather Pants.png Kunkah's Leather Pants
20-25 Bearded Whale Coast Hookah 2
25-30 Steven Trading Port Alvida 2
Kalygon Fleet Mad Khaligon 2
Pirate Captain Hat.png Pirate Captain Hat
Pirate Captain's Artificial Leg.png Pirate Captain's Artificial Leg
Pirate Skull Ring.png Pirate Skull Ring
Milkyway Sanctuary Artis 3
Skypie Sanctuary Lord of Night 3
Dangerous Caverns Ahtoo 3
Ahtoo's Magical Belt.png Ahtoo's Magical Belt
Shroom's Water Pot.png Shroom's Water Pot
Valid Raeth Rokko 40-55 3
Smoldering Swamp Queen Vella 3
Salvalon Jaro 3
Zaro's Helmet.png Zaro's Helmet
Zaro's Epaulet.png Zaro's Epaulet
Lamieta Kilo 4
Pine Cone Hills Angry Woodsman Paul Burnaun 4
God's Sanctuary Karkharous 4
Karkharous Sheet metal Helmet.png Karkharous Sheet metal Helmet
Karkharous Sheet metal Armor.png Karkharous Sheet metal Armor
Forgotten Village Bubobubo 50-65 4
Village of Slumber Burlune 4
Burlune's Mask.png Burlune's Mask
Burlune's Fist.png Burlune's Fist
Burlune's Banana Bracelet.png Burlune's Banana Bracelet
Land of Temptation Pythanous 4
Frigid Canyon Arka 4
Arka's Petal Helmet.png Arka's Petal Helmet
Arka's Necklace.png Arka's Necklace
Arka's Wings.png Arka's Wings
Vartika Hill Donply 4
Chaser's Ridge Agnis 5
Agnes's Horned Ice Helmet.png Agnes's Horned Ice Helmet
Agnes Ice Fist.png Agnes Ice Fist
Haven of Peace Avice 60-75 5
Bear Claw Mine Alexandre 5
Verglas Ridge Kyros 5
Legno Necklace.png Legno Necklace
Legno Earring.png Legno Earring
Legno Ring.png Legno Ring
Dragon Velly Prokel 70-85 5
Edge of the World Kasharp 5
Three Eyes of Carsharp Helmet.png Three Eyes of Carsharp Helmet
Three Eyes of Carsharp Cape.png Three Eyes of Carsharp Cape