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Monster cards are items that, if properly blended, will increase the maximum level of a skill. With cards, a skill has the potential to reach a maximum level of 10. The benefits of this feature grants the player a skill that is more effective than what can be achieved naturally.

Using a card does not grant the player that specific level skill — it will only increase the maximum level of the skill. Players will still need to invest their own skill points to benefit from the skill's increased potential.

Acquiring Cards

There are currently two methods of obtaining Monster cards:

  • Completing specific quests from the Wanted Board
  • Purchasing them from other players through market

Applying Cards

Card application window
To use a card, make sure the card is applicable to the class of the character and right-click the item. A window will appear on the screen, listing all usable cards in the player's inventory. Selecting the desired card will lead to a confirmation window. Confirm use of the card to complete the skill increase.

Players may increase their skill further after applying a card (lower than level 10), but will have to recollect the necessary cards. It is recommended not to apply any cards to your character until the most preferred card grade is obtained in order to minimize time and item consumption.

List of Cards

For a comprehensive list of available monster cards, see Monster Card Reference.

Card Grade

All cards will have a grade attached to it. There are six possible grades:

Monster Card Grades
Cursed Regular Advanced Special Artifact Legend
Unusable Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10

Blending Cards

Any card acquired though quests or market will have a status of [Cursed]. Players are to blend two cards of the same grade to manufacture a card of increasing level. (e.g., blending two [Cursed] cards manufactures one [Regular] card, etc.)

Cards can be blended at any class master. Towns where class masters are available are:

  • Port of the Winds
  • Kazeura Village
  • Fungoid Village

Card Success Chart


Success Rate & Risks

Blending cards of any level has a fixed 25% success rate. Upon failure to blend, both cards used will break. Players can protect their cards from breaking upon failure by using Monster Card Insurance, which can be purchased from the Item Mall. If using Insurance, the player will only need the minimum amount of cards to create their preferred card grade (see Card Success Chart)

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The only card grade available to be traded or sold are [Cursed] cards. Once a card is blended to any level above [Cursed], that card becomes character bound. Be sure to blend cards on the character you wish to use it on!
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