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Base Level: 25
Location: Any town where Real Estate <Jesse> is available
Gold Requirement: 20g + weekly tax
Quest Reward(s): Access to MyHome

MyHome is a housing feature that gives the player their own personal space for a weekly fee. Players are free to decorate this space with furniture to fit their personal taste. Players can also invite friends into their house to hang out in a private space.

MyHomes are also required to own in order to produce items through the Professions System.

Renting a MyHome

Real Estate Agent <Jesse>, in Port of Winds
  1. To rent a MyHome, visit Real Estate Agent <Jesse> at any town he is available
  2. Select "Purchase MyHome" and accept his initial fee of 20g
  3. Enter your new MyHome by clicking on the MyHome icon on the map section of the UI


Every MyHome comes with a Butler to welcome the player and provide any benefits the house may have. Talking to the Butler will allow the player to view all available options.


Furniture and other decorations can be bought from either the Item Mall or from other players via market. Decorations include beds, coffee tables, and wallpaper, to seasonal items such as Christmas trees. Virtually all furniture provides a buff to any player that visits that MyHome.

  • Note: As of February 03, 2011, all furniture bought from the Item Mall has a 30-day active period. After 30 days, furniture must be extended to continue use. The current in-game Item Mall listings do not show the expiring nature of these furniture, although they are correctly shown in WarpPortal's website listing. Furniture bought before February 03, 2011 has no expiration date and does not need to be extended. It is difficult to discern which items are permanent and which are not, so take caution when buying furniture from other players.
This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.


Players with MyHomes can invite their friends to their home, as well as be invited to other homes. Players may also set their MyHome to public which allows guild members and people on their friend list unlimited access to the player's MyHome.

Viewing Homes

Home accessibility can be easily viewed through the Guild, Party, and Friend windows. To enter the home, click on the house icon next to their name. If the MyHome cannot be accessed, the home owner must make it public via manual invitation or adjusting general guild/friend accessibility options.

Icon Description
House Icon.png Player has a MyHome
House Working.png Player is currently processing. Aid Skill available
House Repair.png Player has a machine that requires repairing. Repair available
House Item.png Player has a completed processing item.

Sending Invitations

  • Enter MyHome and speak to the Butler to issue a manual invitation, or
  • Right-click the name of the future guest via Friends list, Guild list, or Party window, and select "Issue Invitation"

Players can issue up to ten invitations per day.

Accepting Invitations

Click on the MyHome icon on the upper-right of the UI and select "Invitation list."


To maintain a MyHome, players are required to pay a 10% tax (1g) every week. Failure to pay this tax will result in a suspension of furniture benefits until this tax is paid. Taxes get more expensive the longer they are left unpaid.

Deleting a MyHome

Deleting a MyHome prevents paying excessive taxes for an unused house. To delete a MyHome, visit Real Estate Agent <Jesse> and select "Return MyHome." Be aware that not all MyHome additions are returnable.

When deleting a MyHome:

  • All furniture is sent to the player's mailbox
  • Tile, wallpaper, and expansion permits will be deleted permanently
  • All records such as guestbook will be reset

Players can purchase another MyHome at any time.


  • Furniture buffs do not stack. However, separate furniture from separate houses do stack.
  • I.E. 2 Beds that would give 5% EXP Buff will not give 10% EXP Buff.
  • I.E. 1 House with a 3% EXP Bed + 1 house with a 10% Christmas Tree would yield 2 buffs of 3% and 10%.