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Pets are obtained by completing quests, via Item Mall, via select bosses, or through events. Once a pet is released from its egg, the pet will be alive for a set amount of time. This time can be extended with the Item Mall item, petfood. Pets may receive up to three random options upon opening the egg.

Maintaining a Pet

Pets will get hungry and starve if it is not fed. In order to feed the pet, the player must right click on it on the Character Info window and apply Pet food. There are three types of Pet Food available for purchase from Item Mall.

Pet Food Mount Food IM Cost
1 Day Pet food.png 1 Day Pet food
1 Day Mount food.png 1 Day Mount food
25 IM points
10 Day Pet food.png 10 Day Pet food
10 Day Mount food.png 10 Day Mount food
150 IM points
30 Day Pet food.png 30 Day Pet food
30 Day Mount food.png 30 Day Mount food
300 IM points
Pet Name Changer.png Pet Name Changer
300 IM points
Pet Option Changer.png Pet Option Changer
750(10) IM Points

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