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These guidelines are made to ensure that people post high quality information to be shared with other Dragon Saga players. Violations of any of these rules will result in losing the ability to create / edit and these rights will not be returned quickly.

In a nutshell: Write in a neutral, polite and simple style that can be understood by everyone.

Rules for Dragon Saga Wiki Users

  1. Please write in English only.
  2. Editors should not contribute articles that are false. If there are verification issues, place a note in the edit summary (not in the article of the body) so others can verify the information.
  3. Articles will not contain the names of any in-game character or guilds.
  4. Editors may not be biased when making edits. For instance, saying Paladins are overpowered in the Paladin page is prohibited. Please make edits in the most neutral manner possible.
  5. No drama allowed. Any personal attacks found (including in Discussion pages) will be removed immediately. Repeat offenders will risk their account banned and this will not be overturned quickly if at all.
  6. Do not vandalize. (see Vandalism Policy) All articles vandalized will be restored and the offender(s) will be banned immediately and permanently. Vandalism includes but is not limited to:
    Deleting articles
    Uploading offensive images
    Writing offensive text or anti-DS Wiki, -Dragon Saga, or -Barunson propoganda
    Editing articles to spite others
    Links on your personal page that are not relevant to Dragon Saga. (This rule will be dealt with on a case by case)
  7. Do not create articles for rumored events or features until confirmed. Confirmation must be obtained via the Dragon Saga website/forums or the Dragon Saga Facebook page. If part of a confirmed event/feature is omitted, or confirmed that it is a future update, the editor must place a notice stating the nature of the article or section. Template:Disabled and Template:Future Update are special templates created solely for this purpose.
  8. If an event or feature in its entirety is confirmed not to be implemented on Dragon Saga U.S., do not create an article for it. This wiki focuses on the features of the North American release of Dragon Saga.
  9. The creation any text mentioning private servers, illegal third-party programs, or in-game client/server hacking is prohibited.

Suggestions that are strongly recommended

Violating these won't remove editing rights, but it is strongly suggested that all editors follow them.

  1. Make sure if the page has a guideline layout (such as working on classes, or skills), that it follows the existing format. This is for a conformity issue. Failure to follow this might result in your article being edited mercilessly. Deletion will only happen should it violate one of the rules above.
  2. Avoid using personal pronouns (I, we, you, etc). Refer to the reader as "the player" or "the character." Use proper grammar and punctuation.
  3. Make sure your page conforms with existing pages of same type, meaning, if you are working on class pages, make sure its presentation style is same as other existing types.
  4. Try to follow currently existing templates for better uniformed entries. (Refer to Category:Templates)
  5. The article's writing style should not sound too opinionated or biased towards the writer.
  6. If your edit is minor, please tick the minor edit box. Minor edits are details such as grammar, formatting, or rewording of existing information.
  7. When unsure about an fact or part of the article, simply mention it on the Talk page. A conclusion can be reached and then a clean edit can be made. Writing in the Talk pages is not as strict as the real pages, but the rules remain. Don't forget to sign your comment with two dashes and four tildes (--~~~~) at the end. This automatically attaches your name and date to the text.