Puff Tower

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Puff Tower at Smoldering Swamp

Puff Towers are NPCs that provide teleportation and save services to players.

Save Service

The save service allows players to save their respawn point (where characters go after they die). This service is free, and players may use it as many times as they want.

Teleportation Service

For a gold fee, players can instantly travel to any available map that contains a Puff Tower. Maps include towns as well as field maps.

The gold cost increases depending on how far the player wants to travel (based on linear game progression, not necessarily the exact current location of the player). Towns are cheaper to travel to, and are always at a fixed fee depending on the continent the town is located.

Not all maps have Puff Towers. Since Puff Towers can only transport in-between other Puff Towers, players may have to walk some distance to reach a desired map.

  • Note: Highlighted areas are towns.
Continent Location Fee
El Grego Odellia 50 Copper
El Grego Port of Winds West 31 Silver
El Grego Port of Winds Center 31 Silver
El Grego Port of Winds East 31 Silver
El Grego Moonlight Shore Village 60 Silver
El Grego Libra 60 Silver
El Grego Port of Winds Farm 31 Silver
El Grego Windia Plains Field 50 Copper
El Grego Advanced Windia Plains Field 50 Copper
El Grego Traitor's Ridge Field 2 Silver
El Grego Canyon of Oblivion Field 9 Silver
El Grego Bearded Whale Coast Field 37 Silver
El Grego Steven Trading Port Field 51 Silver
El Grego Kalygon Fleet Field 57 Silver
El Grego Milkyway Sanctuary Field 77 Silver
El Grego Skypie Sanctuary Field 88 Silver
El Grego Dangerous Caverns Field 1 Gold 12 Silver
El Grego Valid Raeth Field 1 Gold 44 Silver
El Grego Smoldering Swamp Field 1 Gold 53 Silver

Continent Location Fee
Chaos Fungoid Village 60 Silver
Chaos Kazeura Village 60 Silver
Chaos Village of Ash Mist 60 Silver
Chaos Ellora Camp 60 Silver
Chaos Salvalon Field 1 Gold 80 Silver
Chaos Lamieta Field 1 Gold 83 Silver
Chaos Pine Cone Hills Field 1 Gold 91 Silver
Chaos God's Sanctuary Field 2 Gold 14 Silver
Chaos Forgotten Village Field 2 Gold 25 Silver
Chaos Village of Slumber Field 2 Gold 35 Silver
Chaos Land of Temptation Field 2 Gold 54 Silver
Chaos Frigid Canyon Field 2 Gold 64 Silver
Chaos Chaser's Ridge Field 2 Gold 93 Silver
Chaos Haven of Peace Field 3 Gold 10 Silver
Chaos Bear Claw Mine Field 3 Gold 37 Silver
Chaos Verglas Ridge Field 3 Gold 54 Silver
Chaos Dragon Velly Field 3 Gold 87 Silver
Chaos Edge of the World Field 4 Gold 0 Silver