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There are three types of player PvP and one type guild pvp in Dragon Saga

  • Practice Mode (00:00-24:00PST) Level 20+
  • Ranking Mode (18:00-20:00PST) Level 35+
  • Battle Square (17:00-18:00PST) Level 40+
  • Emporia


To participate in any form of PvP, click on the PvP button located on the bottom left of the User Interface. The player will then be able to select their preferred form of PvP, and will be warped to that respected lobby where they can begin joining or creating PvP rooms.


There are currently two modes of PvP.

Practice Mode

Main article: Practice Mode

Practice mode is a relatively unrestricted mode of PvP for players level 20 and above. It is open 24 hours a day, but yields no rewards.

Ranking Mode

Main article: Ranking Mode

Ranking Mode is a daily PvP feature similar to Practice Mode, but has more restrictions and yields rewards for players. Enthusiastic participants of Ranked PvP can purchase powerful armor sets, available only through the CP store.

Other PvP Features

There are several PvP features that differ from the general PvP arena, that have different rules, mechanics, and rewards.

Battle Square

Main article: Battle Square

Battle Square is daily PvP feature, open to all, in which two teams compete towards specific objectives, and has rewards for participation. Battle Square rooms are preset and players are divided into each room based on the player's current level. It is announced server-wide when Battle Square is open for participation.


Main article: Emporia

Emporia is a Guild vs. Guild PvP feature. Guilds are registered to bid for tournament spots, to which eight winning guilds are given to opportunity to fight for a castle. Special rewards are given to castle holders.