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Base Job: Bandit
Job Type: 2nd Job
Race: Human
Damage Type: Melee
Weapon: Claw
Changes At: Libra
Succeeding Job(s)


Rogues, as Bandits do, enjoy being clever. Sometimes that has been seen as a sense of humor. Rogues prefer to engage their enemies while in the air. The battle is usually over before their enemies hit the ground. Rogues are high damage dealers, as they can take down multiple mobs in the blink of an eye. They have better enhanced skills with small AOE's but the AOE are mobile, as in they can move during the skill. Head spin and windmill allow the rogue to breakdance their way into victory, and end their opponent with powerful shrieks, and weapons. Although they don't have as much ranged skills their mobile AOE's are more then enough for damage, as they can fight both melee and ranged opponents due to damage reduction.

Job Change Guide

For more information on the job change quest, see 2nd Class Job Change Guide.

Killing Lavalon is no longer necessary to job change as of New origins patch. The user has now acquired a much easier and less tedious way to switch jobs at the right level without delays, as follows:

  • Eliminating of special "boss" monsters scattered across specific areas of the game in the quantity of a few quests.

Once these tasks are completed, the player will speak to <Pablo> in Libra to advance to their respected 3rd class.

  • From Hoffman at Libra - Talk to Pablo at Libra
  • The Prelude to Destruction - From Pablo at Libra - Defeat Black Feather at Wailing Hill - Return to Pablo
  • The Interlude to Destruction - From Pablo at Libra - Defeat Knight Scale at Nautilus Port - Return to Pablo
  • The Postlude to Destruction - From Pablo at Libra - Defeat Onyx Leather at Mining Area - Return to Pablo


For a list of Rogue-specific set equipment, see Rogue Set


Skill levels noted in red indicates the skill can be increased to a maximum of that number via Monster Cards.

Skill Description Levels Type
Moonwalk (Rogue).png Moonwalk
Step backward in a super-armor status. 1 Active
Provoke (Rogue).png Provoke
Cast super sonic attack to stun enemies. 5 Active
Mega Drill Drive.png Mega Drill Drive
Take out a drill and rush to the front, penetrating and damaging enemies and knocking them down. 5 Offensive
Chain Hurricane Kick.png Chain Hurricane Kick
Attack with Hurricane Kick with extreme spinning speed and powerful kick. 5 Offensive
Windmill.png Windmill
With back spinning attack, damage enemies. 5 Offensive
Seven.png Seven
Smashes up targets and launches them high into the air. 5 Offensive
Aerial Kick.png Aerial Kick
Cast a spinning attack and launch enemies slightly into the air. 5 Offensive
Sonic Boom.png Sonic Boom
Throw boomerang to attack enemies 5 Offensive
Judge Dread.png Judge Dread
Cast a strong ultra sonar attack to damage launched enemies 5 Offensive
Cossack Dance.png Cossack Dance
Summon a nut cracker doll that dances russian traditional dance that attacks all targets in front of it. 5 Offensive
Heavy Smash.png Heavy Smash
Increase attack power of Chain Hurricane Kick Skill 5 Passive
Stance.png Stance
Stand in a firm stance to decrease incoming damage and increase attacking damage. 5 Passive
Bandit · Rogue · Savage
1st Job
Burrow · Claw Mastery · EXIT · Final Decision · Hyper Strength · Intelligence · Mind Reading · Motion Capture · Rolling Stinger · Upper Screwdriver
2nd Job
Skills Aerial Kick · Chain Hurricane Kick · Cossack Dance · Head Spin · Heavy Smash · Judge Dread · Mega Drill Drive · Moonwalk · Provoke · Seven · Sonic Boom · Stance · Step the Beat! · Windmill
Auto-buff Skills Fever · Spin
3rd Job
Awakening · Awakening Charge · Claw Fishing · Club Mania · Crazy Soul · Hell Shouting · Marionette
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