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Base Job: Rogue
Job Type: 3rd Job
Race: Human
Damage Type: Melee
Weapon: Claw
Changes At: Van Cliff


Savages have discovered that their clever nature allowed them to gain demonic support from another realm of existence. Although they appear to look weak at first glance, they should never be underestimated. By using their newfound powers, they can unleash a flurry of uncontrolled power against anyone that stands in their way.


Job Change Guide

For more information on the job change quest, see 3rd Class Job Change Guide.

Becoming a Savage requires the player to obtain the following items:

along with the completion of a number of tasks:

  • Item Collection / Monster Hunting
  • Completion of several key floors in Van Cliff
  • Defeat of Bone Dragon Lust

Once these tasks are completed, the player will speak to the dragon <Deckard> in Van Cliff to advance to their respected 4th class.


For a list of Savage-specific set equipment, see Savage Set


Skill levels noted in red indicates the skill can be increased to a maximum of that number via Monster Cards.

Skill Description Levels Type
Claw Fishing.png Claw Fishing
Quickly throw claw, drag enemy in front of caster. Target receives stun effect. 5 Offensive
Hell Shouting.png Hell Shouting
[Awakening Skill] Summons an evil spirit to attack enemies numerous times with a deathly scream. Enemies receive stun effect. 5 Offensive
Marionette.png Marionette
[Awakening Skill] Summons an evil spirit that controls the caster to attack numerous times and launches the last enemy into the air. Target receives stun effect. 5 Offensive
Club Mania.png Club Mania
[Ultimate Skill] 8 sonic attacks on up to 20 monsters with a final attack causing level 5 stun to monsters. 1 Offensive
Awakening.png Awakening
Allows the usage of special skills which consume Awakening points. 1 Passive
Crazy Soul.png Crazy Soul
Grants a chance to endure damage without flinching. 5 Passive
Awakening Charge.png Awakening Charge
Consumes MP to recharge the Awakening bar. 1 Toggle

Bandit · Rogue · Savage
1st Job
Burrow · Claw Mastery · EXIT · Final Decision · Hyper Strength · Intelligence · Mind Reading · Motion Capture · Rolling Stinger · Upper Screwdriver
2nd Job
Skills Aerial Kick · Chain Hurricane Kick · Cossack Dance · Head Spin · Heavy Smash · Judge Dread · Mega Drill Drive · Moonwalk · Provoke · Seven · Sonic Boom · Stance · Step the Beat! · Windmill
Auto-buff Skills Fever · Spin
3rd Job
Awakening · Awakening Charge · Claw Fishing · Club Mania · Crazy Soul · Hell Shouting · Marionette
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