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Base Job: Shaman
Job Type: Base Job
Race: Dragonkin
Damage Type: Magic
Weapon: Gun Staff
Changes At: Bearded Whale Coast
Succeeding Job(s)



Shamans are trained to infuse their Dragonkin powers with spirits around them to summon them at will. The summons are the key to their abilities as they deal damage and protect the Shaman. Shamans may not be the fastest class, but they can battle from a greater distance.

The Shaman class utilizes summons and monsters, the character can inflict damage with their magic skills. As the Shaman class moves on to a Summoner and to an Elementalist, they will control much more powerful summons and the character will gain support magic skills to increase the summoned spirits powers. Also, as the bond between the summons and the character gets stronger, the summoned spirits will learn skills to protect their master such as automatically attacking enemies that target the Summoner.


  • In order to create a Dragonkin class character, the player must have at least one level 20 Human class on the same account


For a list of Shaman-specific set equipment, see Shaman Set

For a list of Shaman weapons, see Gun Staff


Skill Description Levels Type
Summon Mastery.png Summon Mastery
Through deep communication with nature, summon point is increased. 2 Passive
Stronger Summon.png Stronger Summon
By adding Drakan Force with summoning skill, the summoned spirit has additional Physical and Magical Defence. 5 Passive
Stronger Spell.png Stronger Spell
Increase damage on Dragon Tooth, Spell Trap, Spike Wave, Mega Spike Wave. 3 Passive
Dragon Tooth.png Dragon Tooth
Fire a Thorn with poison effect. 5 Offensive
Spell Trap.png Spell Trap
Summon a special object that uses Drakan Force. 5 Offensive
Ground Piston.png Ground Piston
Attack standing or fallen enemies with a rising rock from the ground and smacking them into the air. 5 Offensive
Air Splash.png Air Splash
Concentrate Drakan Force to the Gun Staff and fire energy into the air 5 Offensive
Spike Wave.png Spike Wave
Call a Drakan Wave attacking standing or fallen enemies 5 Offensive
Breath of Nature.png Breath of Nature
20% HP recovery buff for all close users. 1 Offensive
Summon Mist.png Summon Mist
Communicate with nature using Drakan Force and Summon Mist 5 Active
Summon Dyke.png Summon Dyke
Communicate with nature using Drakan Force and summon Dyke 5 Active
Regain.png Regain
Recall spirits. After learning this skill, you may tell your spirit what to do by pressing the spacebar and arrow key 1 Active
Shaman · Summoner · Elementalist · Earth Master
Base Job
Main Skills Air Splash · Breath of Nature · Dragon Tooth · Ground Piston · Spell Trap · Spike Wave · Stronger Spell
Summon Skills Regain · Stronger Summon · Summon Dyke · Summon Mastery · Summon Mist
1st Job
Main Skills Air Smash · Area Spell · Earthquake · Inferno · Meteor Rain · Shot Mastery · Spell Prison · Volcano
Summon Skills Advanced Summon Mastery · Awake Instinct · Cry of Life · Dire Mist · Fury · Gather! · Nation Fury · Rolling Wind · Steal Crow · Strong Leather · Summon Doonamik · Summon Kalki
2nd Job
Main Skills Hawk Eye · Mana Burn · Mana React · Mega Inferno · Mega Spike Wave · Nature Blessing · Poison Guard · Rolling Stone · Smare Shot · Toxin Fluid
Summon Skills Atom Control · Attack · Blood Share · Elemental Blessing · Impact Presser · Impact Mastery · Impact Unsummon · Regain Refresh · Summon Blesser · Summon Golgon