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Soul Crafting options can be multiplied to a certain degree by Master Producer <Midas>, located in Port of Winds. All options can be multiplied 1.1x ~ 2.0x.


To expand item options, the following materials are required:

  • Gold
  • Weapon or equipment with soul grade of Advanced or higher
  • SoulCraft Expander of appropriate level (see Professions)
  • Soul


Items will not break upon failure, but will initialize its amplification value to 1x. Despite what is stated in the game, insurance does not protect the item from breaking, but from initializing.


Expanders and Insurance can be produced through Professions, or purchased from other players via market. The type of item to be expanded, as well as the level range of the item determines what level Expander is required. This applies to both weapons and equipment.

Item Level Expander Requirement Insurance Requirement
Lev. 1 ~ 30 [Level 2] SoulCraft Expander [Level 2] SoulCraft Expander Insurance
Lev. 31 ~ 40 [Level 3] SoulCraft Expander [Level 3] SoulCraft Expander Insurance
Lev. 41 ~ 50 [Level 4] SoulCraft Expander [Level 4] SoulCraft Expander Insurance
Lev. 51 ~ 60 [Level 5] SoulCraft Expander [Level 5] SoulCraft Expander Insurance
Lev. 61 ~ 70 [Level 6] SoulCraft Expander [Level 6] SoulCraft Expander Insurance

Effects Gained

Weapon with 1.2x amplified option
Items that have been successfully expanded will receive an amplification of whatever current options the item possessed.

Option amplification are increased in increments of .1, beginning at 1.1x. All options can be multiplied a minimum of 1.1x to a maximum of 2.0x.

One expander will amplify all options the item possesses, so the higher soul grade the item has, the more beneficial the expander will be. Any soul crafting options added after expansion will also be amplified by the item's current amplified value without additional expansion.

Bonuses provided by sets cannot be amplified.

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