Soul Crafting System

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Soulcrafting System

Soulsmith <Julie>

Soulcrafting refers to the Enchantment System in Dragon Saga which use soul; increasing Soul Force, removing Curse, and exchanging for Soul Remover Scrolls

Obtaining Soul

Souls can be obtained by dismantling items with soul such as equipment and weapons using the Disassemble hammer on the lower left of the Inventory window.

Soul Remover Scrolls

Soul Remover Scrolls allow players to unseal gears that are sealed. The most common gears that are sealed are Set Gears obtained by using gada coin in missions. 3 Souls are exchanged for 1 Soul Remover Scroll.

Removing Curse

Upon unsealing an equipment or weapon, they may be Cursed. To uncurse the item, the player must give Soulsmith <Julie> some soul. The success rate is close to 100% and does not destroy the item upon failing.

Soul Grade

All weapons and equipment found in Dragon Saga have a Soul Grade. Soul Grade affects the number of bonuses found under SoulCraft Effect on weapons and equipment.

There are 5 Soul Grades:

Soul Grade # of Bonuses
Regular (White) 0
Advance (Green) 1
Special (Blue) 2
Artifact (Orange) 3
Legend (Purple) 4

Increasing Soul Force

Increasing Soul Force allows the player to add extra options to their gear. Certain risks are involved depending on the level of enchant desired, which can be deflected if Insurance is applied during the enchanting process (see next section).

Insurance can be purchased at the Item Mall.

Success Rate and Limitations

Level of Enchant Success Rate Soul Force Risk Insurance Type
Regular (White) 0-30 No risk Enchantment Insurance (not required)
Advance (Green) 6% 31-60
Special (Blue) 4% 61-85 Item destroyed upon failure Enchantment Insurance
Artifact (Orange) 2% 86-98
Legend (Purple) 2% 99-100

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