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Base Job: Shaman
Job Type: 1st Job
Race: Dragonkin
Damage Type: Magic
Weapon: Gun Staff
Changes At: Kazeura Village
Succeeding Job(s)
Earth Master



Summoners are able to summon more powerful spirits than the Shamans. They are able to use their volcanic type damage skills to add to the attacks from their summons. Summoners can become vulnerable without their summons, but they have high HP and can cast protective shield spells.

Summoner is a Dragonkin class that can combine the characters damaging and disabling skills with their summoned spirits skills to deal out heavy damage to their opponents. The use of summons allows them to battle at greater ranges and multiple enemies in different directions.

Job Change Guide

To become a Summoner, you must speak to Archpriest of Thunder <Maytry> in Bearded Whale Coast.

Twin Job Change 01.png
1. Speak to Archpriest of Thunder <Maytry>. Receive 4,709,540 EXP, 1 gold, and various armor and supplies.
Twin Job Change 02.png
2. Speak to Maytry again to accept the Job Promotion quest. Defeat 5 Crabby.
Twin Job Change 03.png
3. Speak to Maytry one last time to be changed to your new class.


For a list of Summoner-specific set equipment, see Summoner Set

For a list of Summoner weapons, see Gun Staff

For a list of Summoner shields, see Shield


Summon Mist Info.gifDire Mist File:Summon Doonamik Info.gifDoonamik File:Summon Kalki Info.gifKalki


Skill Description Levels Type
Dire Mist.png Dire Mist
Mist is upgraded to a more powerful Dire Mist 1 Passive
Awake Instinct.png Awake Instinct
Provide Drakan Force to the Kalki and increase the movement speed and attack speed 1 Passive
Strong Leather.png Strong Leather
Provide Drakan Force to the Doonamik, the buff skill can be used to increase the defence point by 20%. 1 Passive
Steal Crow.png Steal Crow
Having a contract with higher spirits, new attacking skill is added to Doonamik. 1 Passive
Rolling Wind.png Rolling Wind
Having a contract with higher spirits, new attacking skill is added to Doonamik. 1 Passive
Shot Mastery.png Shot Mastery
Summoner's basic attack rate is increased. 5 Passive
Advanced Summon Mastery.png Advanced Summon Mastery
Through contract with the spiritual world, the summon point is increased. 2 Passive
Cry of Life.png Cry of Life
For all the spirits are within range, their health is recovered 3 Active
Summon Kalki.png Summon Kalki
Contract with Ocean Spirit using Drakan Force. 5 Active
Gather!.png Gather!
Gather all summons 1 Active
Summon Doonamik.png Summon Doonamik
Contract with nature using Drakan Force and summon Protector Doonamik 5 Active
Fury.png Fury
Having a contract with higher spirits, spirits have new attack skills 3 Passive
Nation Fury.png Nation Fury
By converting the Fury of spirit into Drakan Force, it increases Maximum health and final magic attack. 5 Passive
Area Spell.png Area Spell
Using a Drakan Force, cast a spell that will protect the user by increasing physical and magic defence. 5 Active
Inferno.png Inferno
This skill will continually shot flame towards front damaging standing or fallen enemies. 5 Toggle
Air Smash.png Air Smash
Shoot Drakan Force towards the ground and attack enemies 5 Offensive
Volcano.png Volcano
Gaining help from the Mother Earth, bring small volcanic stream to the surface making a small volcano. 5 Offensive
Meteor Rain.png Meteor Rain
By using the power from the spirit, create a dimention gap and summon different meteors. 5 Offensive
Earthquake.png Earthquake
By using the power from the spirit, create a dimention gap and summon different meteors. 5 Offensive
Shaman · Summoner · Elementalist · Earth Master
Base Job
Main Skills Air Splash · Breath of Nature · Dragon Tooth · Ground Piston · Spell Trap · Spike Wave · Stronger Spell
Summon Skills Regain · Stronger Summon · Summon Dyke · Summon Mastery · Summon Mist
1st Job
Main Skills Air Smash · Area Spell · Earthquake · Inferno · Meteor Rain · Shot Mastery · Spell Prison · Volcano
Summon Skills Advanced Summon Mastery · Awake Instinct · Cry of Life · Dire Mist · Fury · Gather! · Nation Fury · Rolling Wind · Steal Crow · Strong Leather · Summon Doonamik · Summon Kalki
2nd Job
Main Skills Hawk Eye · Mana Burn · Mana React · Mega Inferno · Mega Spike Wave · Nature Blessing · Poison Guard · Rolling Stone · Smare Shot · Toxin Fluid
Summon Skills Atom Control · Attack · Blood Share · Elemental Blessing · Impact Presser · Impact Mastery · Impact Unsummon · Regain Refresh · Summon Blesser · Summon Golgon