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Base Job: Twin Fighter
Job Type: 1st Job
Race: Dragonkin
Damage Type: Melee
Weapon: Fist
Changes At: Kazeura Village
Succeeding Job(s)



The Twin class is a hyper attack damage dealer with high evasion and low skill cool down rate. Besides gaining more powerful attacks, the Twin class has the ability to cast Fusion and become one extremely fast and powerful character for even more damage. While the Twins are in a fused state the attack rate, attack speed and the critical rate increases by 5.0%, cool-down time for all skills decreases by 0.5% seconds and their movement speed increases by 10.0%.
Twins are able to attack ground and air at the same time.

Job Change Guide

To become a Twin, you must speak to Archpriest of Thunder <Maytry> in Bearded Whale Coast.

Twin Job Change 01.png
1. Speak to Archpriest of Thunder <Maytry>. Receive 4,709,540 EXP, 1 gold, and various armor and supplies.
Twin Job Change 02.png
2. Speak to Maytry again to accept the Job Promotion quest. Defeat 5 Crabby.
Twin Job Change 03.png
3. Speak to Maytry one last time to be changed to your new class.


For a list of Twin-specific set equipment, see Twin Set
For a list of set equipment for All Classes, see Other Set Gear
For a list of unique equipment, see Specialty Weapons & Gear


Skill Description Levels Type
Infinite Turning Kick.png Infinite Turning Kick
By using the turning force, perform a spinning kick to push enemies back and down. 5 Offensive
Hyper Knee Kick.png Hyper Knee Kick
Perform a fast and strong knee kick, penetrating enemies in a line. 5 Offensive
Dragon Upper.png Dragon Upper
Duck down, run forward and attack with a jump uppercut. 5 Offensive
The Ring from Hell.png The Ring from Hell
Summon a Ring from Hell that will benefit the users. Enemies in the Ring range will have a decrease in movement speed and attack rate. 5 Active
Fusion.png Fusion
Twin skill that increases movement speed, ATK speed, Critical Rate and reduces cooldown time for all skills. 3 Toggle
Rage.png Rage
Produce a fury of fightning force, making the fusion status more effective. 3 Passive
Power Weaving.png Power Weaving
Weaving can be performed with direction key. While the skill is active, the user is invincible. 3 Active
Dodge Mastery.png Dodge Mastery
Through fast step training, attack evade rate is increased. 5 Passive
Breath Control.png Breath Control
By concentrating and breathing slowly reduce the cool for all skills. 5 Passive
Finish Combo.png Finish Combo
Through combo training, an additional combo is added after the 5th combo by pressing 'z' 1 Passive
Definite Defense.png Definite Defense
This skill can be performed during fusion status. For 1.5 seconds, become invincible and a Lv3 Critical Rate buff. 1 Active
Impact Blow.png Impact Blow
Fusion: By rapidly attacking the solar plexus do damage to enemies and cast stun and breath difficulty by a percentage. 3 Offensive
Release Fighter Force.png Release Fighter Force
Fusion: By releasing the fighting force around the body, attack enemies. 5 Offensive
Spin Bomb.png Spin Bomb
By concentrating the force into the end of the foot, fires two penetrating objects. 5 Offensive
Spirit Spear.png Spirit Spear
Twin: By concentrating the force into the hand, stab forwards and spin attack. 5 Offensive
Slide Kicking.png Slide Kicking
Twin active skill. Sliding towards front and attack with low continuous kicks. 5 Offensive
Rolling Grable.png Rolling Grable
Twin active skill. Roll toward front and perform a sliding chop, attacking the standing enemies and make them fall down. 5 Offensive
Smash Kick.png Smash Kick
Twin skill. Twin jump up to the enemies in air, and smash kick them to the ground. 5 Offensive
Heavy Blow.png Heavy Blow
When activated, the enemies are stunned by a certain percentage. 3 Passive
Twin Fighter · Twin · Mirage · Jumeaux
Base Job
Master Skills Bunker Buster · Metal Fist · One Sword, One Cut · Power Fist · Rapid Stance · Tornado Spin · Weaving
Slave Skills Dragon Kick · Non Stop Kicking · Rocket Blow · Spin Kick
1st Job
Master Skills Breath Control · Dodge Mastery · Dragon Upper · Finish Combo · Fusion · Heavy Blow · Hyper Knee Kick · Power Weaving · Rage · The Ring from Hell
Slave Skills Infinite Turning Kick · Rolling Grable · Slide Kicking · Smash Kick · Spin Bomb · Spirit Spear
Fusion Skills Definite Defense · Impact Blow · Release Fighter Force
2nd Job
Master Skills At Light Speed · Harmony Master · Fist Harmony · Iron Fist Training · Roar of Lion · Screw Dropkick · Tornado Upper · Twin Impact · Wheel of Fortune
Slave Skills Infinite Kicking · Rising Drop Kick · Spin Blade · Stamper · Swish Kick
Fusion Skills Finish Move · Fusion Boost · Ghost Fighter