Twin Fighter

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Twin Fighter
Twin Fighter.gif
Job Type: Base Job
Race: Dragonkin
Damage Type: Melee
Weapon: Fist
Changes At: Bearded Whale Coast Field
Succeeding Job(s)


The Twin Fighter class are unique to any class in the Dragon Saga world as they are two characters working together as well as independently. The twins are both controlled by the player to unleash high damage combos. Each twin is given a multitude of attack skills for players to create their most effective combos. The twins are not bound to attack the same target, which means twin fighters can attack multiple enemies in multiple directions at the same time.

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  • In order to create a Dragonkin class character, the player must have at least one level 20 Human class on the same account.
  • The "Master" twin (the twin directly maneuvered by the player) is the only twin that can receive physical damage. The "Slave" twin (the twin that follows the Master twin) can be affected by Freeze and Knock Down, but otherwise does not receive damage.
  • If any twin is incapacitated in any way, the other twin can still execute attacks.
  • All Slave twin skills can be executed by the Master twin by purchasing the Macro Expansion Manual in the Item Mall and assigning the Slave skill to a Macro hotkey. Conversely, there is not a way to allow the Slave twin to execute Master twin skills.


For a list of Twin Fighter-specific set equipment, see Twin Fighter Set


Skill Description Levels Type
One Sword, One Cut.png One Sword, One Cut
Raise your fist before you, knocking down your enemy with a single vertical strike. 5 Offensive
Power Fist.png Power Fist
Focus your energy into your fist, delivering a single strong blow to your opponent's solar plexus. Knocks the opponent down and can stun it. 5 Offensive
Tornado Spin.png Tornado Spin
By spinning at a fast pace, rise and attack enemies in mid air. 5 Offensive
Bunker Buster.png Bunker Buster
Attack with a strong kick from the air towards the ground. 5 Offensive
Spin Kick.png Spin Kick
Twin will perform a powerful spin kick to standing enemies and push them back 5 Offensive
Rocket Blow.png Rocket Blow
Twin will perform a powerful kick to standing enemies and throw them into the air 5 Offensive
Dragon Kick.png Dragon Kick
Twin will perform a powerful kick and push them back. 5 Offensive
Non Stop Kicking.png Non Stop Kicking
Twin will perform a swift kick, attacking them repeatedly. 5 Offensive
Metal Fist.png Metal Fist
Concentrate force into both fists to increase ATK. 5 Passive
Rapid Stance.png Rapid Stance
Stand in a specific stance, increasing evade and accuracy by 10% 1 Supportive
Weaving.png Weaving
Allows player to move forward in a very fast speed. While skill is active, the user is invincible. 1 Active
Twin Fighter · Twin · Mirage · Jumeaux
Base Job
Master Skills Bunker Buster · Metal Fist · One Sword, One Cut · Power Fist · Rapid Stance · Tornado Spin · Weaving
Slave Skills Dragon Kick · Non Stop Kicking · Rocket Blow · Spin Kick
1st Job
Master Skills Breath Control · Dodge Mastery · Dragon Upper · Finish Combo · Fusion · Heavy Blow · Hyper Knee Kick · Power Weaving · Rage · The Ring from Hell
Slave Skills Infinite Turning Kick · Rolling Grable · Slide Kicking · Smash Kick · Spin Bomb · Spirit Spear
Fusion Skills Definite Defense · Impact Blow · Release Fighter Force
2nd Job
Master Skills At Light Speed · Harmony Master · Fist Harmony · Iron Fist Training · Roar of Lion · Screw Dropkick · Tornado Upper · Twin Impact · Wheel of Fortune
Slave Skills Infinite Kicking · Rising Drop Kick · Spin Blade · Stamper · Swish Kick
Fusion Skills Finish Move · Fusion Boost · Ghost Fighter