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Base Job: Wizard
Job Type: 2nd Job
Race: Human
Damage Type: Magic
Weapon: Spear
Changes At: Libra
Succeeding Job(s)


Continuing their study of offensive magic, Warlock gain more powerful spells that inflict not only damage but also negative statuses. Having also mastered the art of magical self-preservation, Warlock have unlocked new ways to find resources for power, and to protect themselves from harm. Warlocks are so power hungry that they would go to such extremes, such as using their own HP to regain MANA. Warlocks have even more AOE's as well as lasers. They can create larger AoE's that deal status alignments, such as poison, blind, and burn. Warlocks, have high defensive spells as well, they use mana shield to transfer all damage from HP to Mana instead. They create mirror images where they dodge 3 incoming hits, without having to suffer any damage while casting long durational spells.

Job Change Guide

For more information on the job change quest, see 2nd Class Job Change Guide.

Killing Lavalon is no longer necessary to job change as of New origins patch. The user has now acquired a much easier and less tedious way to switch jobs at the right level without delays, as follows:

  • Eliminating of special "boss" monsters scattered across specific areas of the game in the quantity of a few quests.

Once these tasks are completed, the player will speak to <Pablo> in Libra to advance to their respected 3rd class.

  • From Hoffman at Libra - Talk to Pablo at Libra
  • The Prelude to Destruction - From Pablo at Libra - Defeat Black Feather at Wailing Hill - Return to Pablo
  • The Interlude to Destruction - From Pablo at Libra - Defeat Knight Scale at Nautilus Port - Return to Pablo
  • The Postlude to Destruction - From Pablo at Libra - Defeat Onyx Leather at Mining Area - Return to Pablo


For a list of Warlock-specific set equipment, see Warlock Set


Skill levels noted in red indicates the skill can be increased to a maximum of that number via Monster Cards.

Skill Description Levels Type
Disease.png Disease
Cast a diseased cloud, reducing enemies' max HP. 5 Offensive
Fire Ink!.png Fire Ink!
Summon an octopus that squirts ink into enemies' eyes, inflicting Blind. 5 Offensive
Snow Blues.png Snow Blues
Summon a Slip 'n Sliding penguin, Freezing anyone in its way. 5 Offensive
Spiral Cannon.png Spiral Cannon
Fire a beam that will damage enemies and knock them down on the ground. 5 Offensive
Energy Buster.png Energy Buster
Project a high density energy beam that will decimate enemy targets standing in its way 5 Offensive
Meteor Strike.png Meteor Strike
Summon a gigantic meteor that devastates standing or fallen enemy targets and launch them into the air. 5 Offensive
Thunder Break.png Thunder Break
Attack enemies by dropping lightning bolts every 3 seconds. 5 Offensive
Backdraft.png Backdraft
Summon a flaming hot pepper that breathes out fire, inflicting Burn. 5 Offensive
Resource Converter.png Resource Converter
Consumes 300 HP to restore 50% ~ 150% of that amount as MP. 5 Supportive
Mirror Image.png Mirror Image
Dodge 1 ~ 3 time(s) physical attack or magical attack from an enemy. 3 Supportive
Energy Transformation.png Energy Transformation
Reduces MP use for all skills. 5/10 Passive
Frozen Shot.png Frozen Shot
Upgrade Fire Emblem to shoot icicles in all directions, inflicting Ice Freezing. 3 Passive
Staff Mastery (Warlock).png Staff Mastery
Increase physical and magic attack when holding a spear type weapon. 5 Passive

Wizard · Warlock · Sorcerer
1st Job
Battle Hit · Blizzard · Cloud Kill · Deadly Poison · Energy Condensation · Fire Emblem · Magic Missile · Mana Shield · Spear Mastery · Tornado
2nd Job
Backdraft · Disease · Energy Buster · Energy Transformation · Fire Ink! · Frozen Shot · Meteor Strike · Mirror Image · Resource Converter · Snow Blues · Spiral Cannon · Staff Mastery · Thunder Break
3rd Job
Awakening · Awakening Charge · Blood Oath · Magma Piston · Reverse Gravity · Soul Drain · Time Freeze
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